Individual Farmers Skills Empowerment.

Agriculture sector can  provides more employment opportunities to the  youth who  are  Interested in  agriculture  that reduce the high rate of unemployment in South  Africa.
It is estimated that agriculture is up to 4 times more effective in reducing poverty than any other working sector in the world. The world is also now depending on agriculture more than ever before to feed both the poor  and the rich and it is the one economic sector that no country can flourish or even survive without it especially in this  Covird19 Corona  virus  pandemic challenge!
In  our  outreach  mission in  South  Africa, we  have  come  across  thousands of  youth who are  looking for  Jobs  everyday  and they are  finding it difficult to get one.

Individual  Farmers Empowerment.

Will provide  more employment  opportunities  for  youth,  for   food security and enlargement to create Financial Freedom.
Last Saturday 26th  December, 2020. we  visited  an  Individual  Farmers  who  are struggling  in their   farms  projects in Tembisa  locations,  due to the  lack of  funding resources and food security.
 We  found  out from our video  interview  that,  the  main  challenges  they  are  facing in their  day today  farming  work  is  funding  for  the   following:
Funding for  transport to their farms,
Funding for  hiring  tractor or  laborers,
Funding to build fence around  their  farms for  food  security.
The  team of  Unique  Compassion  Soul Wining  Foundation  and  Compassion  Soul  Winners  developed an idea  by  recruiting  volunteers  youth that  we  would  be  working  together  with  the  youth  and  an  Individuals  farmers as  our support  to  the Farmers  who  are  suffering in their  Farms   Projects  in Tembisa.
We shall be  organizing an agriculture  skills training and  education  with  other  entities that  will  help  to  create  more  employment opportunities for  youth  and  also  to  help  enlarge an individuals  farms  projects from  farm or  home  garden into  agriculture projects  that  will  help  to  generate  revenue  and  food  security.