Cooperate Social responsibilities Campaign.

Word of hope  for   Not for profit!!!!!!!

These are trying times for non-profit organizations in all  over  the  world especially in  Africa.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the world.
Non-profits are facing a complicated  Tough  Situations.
How do they continue to provide essential services to vulnerable groups in the population?
If  many  Big  Profit Making  Companies  are closed,  some  are  still struggling, some  have  suspended  their  workers,  some  cannot  Function  any  more  due  to  the  lack of  Cash  flows.  How do Nonprofit  survive to  pay their bills or pay their employees if they’re forced to close their facility for an extended period of time? How do they secure idle resources,  how can they transform their businesses in order to offer their  value services  to  the  underprivileged families in our  Communities?  These are just some of the questions that non-profit organizations and their partners are combing through as the corona virus situation evolved.
We  are  here  to  inculcate  hope in the genuine Nonprofit leaders  that, there  are still  hope  for  the  future  whiles  they  are still  alive. May  be  you  are  left  alone  and  your  Organization  cannot  Function  any  more,  but  we  here  to  encourage  you  that rise  up  and  move  by  faith with  what ever  little  you  have,  either  an  Idea or  Funding  and  start  investing  into  your  Organization  project  now!
Remain  Focus  with  your  mission  even though it is  tough situation  for  Nonprofits,  guest  what,  the  God  of  all  Nations  and  the  God  of  Needy  will  send  help.  He  will help  you  develop  more  ideas  with  the  little  that  you  have  to  make a  great  impact  in  the  lives  of  the  vol unable  group.
What ever  you are  still  doing  to  help your  Nonprofit  organization  has  become  a   memorial  in the  sight  of  God.
Your  good  heart  will  always  fight  for  you  and  you  are  more  than a  conqueror!
We  decree and  declare in  the  Mighty  name  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Nazareth,  that  all  those  who are  looking  for  your  suffering  and  the  suffering  of  your  Network  will  not  succeed. Their  Bad  Intention  against you  will  turn  into  success.
There are  Hopes  for  your  Nonprofit-Organization.
We  decree  and  declare in the  realm  of  the  spirit  and  Publicly  that  the  World  must  act  Speedily    for  every  Genuine  Not  For  Profit  Organizations  now!

Our  Leader  and  CEO  Francis  Asomaning  on  behave  of  the Organization  is  Busy  Embarking  Global Cooperate  Social responsibilities Campaign.The  Campaign  aim  to  Connect with Gifts  Givers  who  may  care   about  our  Mission  and  Projects. The  Campaign   is  not Online Marketing Campaign,  Peer  to  Peer  Campaign alone, we  shall  involve  offline various  Medias as  well.

Do you know  the reason why  Companies, Funding  Aids Organizations, true Churches and  an  individuals who may  be  in a good   position  and  show  care  and  interest to  come  to  our  aid  to  help  or  to  sponsor  us?

The following are the  reason:

1: Our  Not-for Profit  Organization play a significant role in society by undertaking shared responsibility for the social and developmental needs of the country, Nation and  the  world  at large. Thus relieving the financial burden that would otherwise fall on the Families, state, Communities and  the world  at large.

Reason why true Churches need  to  help.

It is in the word that, the Church  need  to  help  their  own  Church  members  and  also  to  help  those  who  are not their  Church  members  as  well  to  reveal the  REAL  love  of  God  towards  all  mankind  around  the  Globe. It is  also  Stated   in the  word that,   the part  of  the  Funding, tithe or  resources that  they  get must  Donate  to  the Widows  and  underprivileged Families  in the  Community in respective  of  different  faith  and  different  believes.

what is  the  Benefit?

*People  want  to  be  part of  the  Church or an Organization  that  show  caring  to  those  who are mostly  in need in our  Communities and in their   Church both Spiritually and Physically, but unfortunately Many  Churches have  ignored the  physical Basic  Human  Needs.

We believe that  any  religious   believes and Faith  must  based  on  the  real  love  of  God by  caring  for  others  who  are  mostly  in  need either  they  are  closer  or far. As  the  Church do  this,  they  are revealing the  real  love  of  God  to  the  world,

They  are  helping people  to  stay away from sin and evil even though the word also contribute  to  good  moral life.

The  word says in their ill  bed, God  will heal  them, would  not  deliver  them  to  the  hands of  their  enemies  and  they  will  be  bless  in  abundant and  be  a  Chanel   of  Change  in this  land  of  the  living.

Our  Head  and  CEO   fellowship  at  AFM  Greater  Kemp ton  Park.  does  it mean  that   Francis  belong  to  only  AFM  Church?  that  is  big  no. Francis  see  any church  that  preach   the  truth  of  Gods  word  as  one.   That  is  why  he  see  himself  as a  member  of  any  true  Church. Francis  is  very  carefully  about  deception  of  some  Churches  even  though  he  also  believe  there  are  some  true  Churches  as  well.

He believe  that in the  sight  of God, there are  no  what  is  call  Churches  or  religious  Organizations. He sees  all  Churches around the  Globe  as  one  Body even though  there  are different  faith  and  believes, but  all  Bounds  back  to the  God of  all  Nations. That  is  why we  do  not  against any religion or  any  Church that preach or teaches  the truth  of  Gods  word and Providing  Basic  Human  Needs.

In  his  Campaign on behave of  the  Organization,  he  has paused   asking  Premises   at  the moment,  but rather in the  process  of  Engaging  United  Nations online  volunteers from  United  Nations  Volunteers  System to   find  out  how it  may  help both  our  online  and  offline  Events  and  Projects.

As well  as  reaching  Business  and  Church   Leaders  in  the  Communities  offline.

On behave of  the  Organization,  Francis  has  submitted Online  Funds  Raising,  Projects  Development, Management  and  Community  Mobilization  Volunteers Opportunities. He is  also  already  Mobilizing  some of  the  Community  members  offline who  may  care  each  other  and  also  care  about  the   vulnerable Families in our  Com unities. In  his  Community  Mobilization,  he  is  forming  a  Volunteer  Team  who  would  be  working together  with  him  and  with  UN  online  volunteers.

The  Team  will  make  sure  that  all  those   sleeping  Board members  of  the  Organization  will  be  Change  with  an  active  ones. Administration  will  be  one  of  the  Priority.  Francis  Global  Cooperate  Social  responsibilities  Network  Campaign  aim to  support  the  Organization  Projects  in  two  Countries   Region to meet the  Basic  Human  Needs  of  the  vulnerable Families  towards  UN  Sustainable  Development  2030  Agenda  as  UN online volunteers Team up with us.

1,  South  Africa.

2,  Ghana   

The  Corona  Virus  Pandemic  Challenge  Forum  Event  and  other  Social  Ills  Issues  Forum  Event  will relate  to  the  following:

Entrepreneur  Skills  Empowerment  Network  Event.

Individuals  Farmers,  Youth  Agriculture  Skills  Empowerment

Trauma  Counseling Event  Network  and  among  others,  will  be  Discuss with UN  Online  Volunteers to seek advice, guidelines and  services.

Both Local  and  International    Community Business  leaders,  religious  leaders  Governments  Officials leaders  will   be  invited  to   a meeting where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

A  various  Events  of the  Organization that  will  take  place  Specifically  aim  to  help  and  address  the  Social  Issues  and  also  to  tackle the  Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge  irrespective   of  Different  Faith  and  different  believes.

For  an  example, If   Big  Profit  making  Companies  are  shut down, some  are  still  struggling  to  get back  to their  feet.  Some  companies  have suspended their  workers  due  to  the  lack of  cash  flow. How  much  more  Not  For  Profit  Organization?  Please  take  note  that  Non  Profit  Organization  rely  on  Business  Network,  Donations  and  Sponsorship. How  ever  it  is an  Extremely  though  time  for  Not for  Profit  Organization.

How  do  we   Proceed  our  work  to  deliver  good   services  in  addressing critical Social   Issues as  Nonprofit  Organization  without  involving  Business  Network,  Contract,  Donations, Volunteer services   and  Sponsorship. ?

If there  is  a  Need  of  involving  them,  how  do  we build a  good  relationship ,  trust and  team  work  to  help those   who are suffering the  more in  this  Pandemic  Challenge?. These  are  some  of  the  Forum   Events that  will  take place.

Thank God  that  UN online Volunteers  Team  have  approved our  application  to  engage  United  Nations  online  volunteers  for  our  Organization  projects, Event  and  activities.
We hope  that the  approval of  our  application for  United Nations online  volunteers services engagement for  our  Organization   Projects  and  activities  may  be  providing an access to a diversity of skills, expertise and extra hands. We  hope  that  United  Nations  Online  volunteers platform will  help  to  bring  volunteers  who will  show an additional commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to what they  would  be  doing for  our  Organization  Projects.
The  United  Nations Online  Volunteers  who  will  come  to  our  aid  to  help  our  projects  will  be  highly appreciated of  the  good services they  may  providing  for  us as  well  as making sure that  they  would be  featured in a newsletter  and  Various Medias, and  also  some  would  be receiving a certificate from  United  Nations as  Volunteers System.
An Open communication: informing all candidates about the outcome of their application and services  will  be essential and be highly appreciated   in order to nurture and sustain the commitment of all volunteers.
We shall  involve  online  Volunteers in  our  grant  proposal writing,  projects development and  all the activities of  the  Organization.

The  Reason why  Companies  need  to  come to  our  aid  to  help:

Once  both  local and an International Comm-unities found out  that  you  are helping  our Project, they  will respect  your  Company  or your Organization and  would  love  to do  business with  you.

People would like   to  buy your products and services for  you are  Changing lives  in  our Communities. Your Business would be a   forefront in all  our  Campaigns both online and  offline.

The reason why  government need  to  sign  contract with our  nonprofits.
As Mentioned  earlier, our  Not-for Profit  Organization play a significant role in society by undertaking shared responsibility for the social and developmental needs of the country, Nation and  the  world  at large. Thus relieving the financial burden that would otherwise fall on the Families, state, Communities and  the world  at large.
Government funding covers approximately one-third of the nonprofit sector’s revenue.  A contract allows the federal government to procure goods and services for its primary use, while a grant allows the federal government to assist a third party in support of that party’s mission.
The federal government has several mechanisms or resources it can use to provide funds to individuals and organizations to help address public problems.
USA highlights five methods the federal government most frequently uses to acquire products and services and assist individuals and organizations. Government signing a  contact with us  to  work  for  the  Communities will  reduce  the  work  load from Governments.
Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International have  God  more  creative  ideas that  can  help  make  more impact  in  our  Communities and  also  to  help  tackle  the  Covid-19  Pandemic  Challenge.
But  unfortunately  our  Organization is  going through  though  time in South Africa  due  to the  lack  of  Funding  and  resources.
We are  calling  upon  South  Africa  Government   and  an International  state  to  come  to  our  aid  to  help for  our  Mission is  their  mission  as  well. It is all  about  transforming lives  in our  Communities  by providing the  Basic  Human  Needs  to the  Glory  of  God!
In  our  research information’s, Many  Individuals  says, why  we  give, a  feeling of  Social conscience was  the  most widely-given to give to Charity.what ever type of  Charity  work  they supported, 96% said they felt they had a moral duty to use what they had to help others, a sentiment very much rooted in their personal values and principles.
Some  also  said, sometimes it is  not  easy  for  then  to  give  to  Charity  for  they  do  not have  enough  to  give, how  ever  they  share  what they  have  to  reveal  the love  of  God towers  all making around the  Globe. 96% of  them  says  any time  they see  the  lives   transformations  of those  they  have  helped through  Charity Organizations, they  fell  some  kind  of  joy  in their heart  and   fell  like  doing  more  for  humanity  whiles  they  are  still  alive!
 They said lives  is  a  mystery for  they  ones  that  they  helped, may be  their saviors  tomorrow.
Some  Churches  limit the  work of  God only  in their  Churches, but we  do not believe  in  that.  Any services  that  you   render  that  bring help  to   humanity  is the  work  of  God  either  you are a Christian  or  Not.
And   God  consider  your  good  deeds  as righteousness. It is  right  to provide  the  Basic Human Needs  to  the  poor and your  work  will  become a  memorial in  the  sight  of  God.
Do  we  have  any  Funds  raising  Event  from  any  Church, a  group any Organization  for  our  Projects?  That is  BIG  No.  How  ever  w e are  expecting that  to  happen.
Please  Check  out  for  more  information’s  about our up  coming forum   event.