Love is an action from a Sincere heart to effect Change in the live of others especially those who are mostly in need.

Compassion Soul-Winners Outreach Int’l (CSWOI) is a non-governmental, non-profit seeking or making organization duly registered and recognized by appropriate approving institutions with a yearning to eradicate, mitigate and alleviate the sufferings of the African people through partnership and engagement with nations, institutions, organizations, agencies and individuals for the achievement of the objectives set out in the organization’s incorporation. We believe in Changing lives for sustainable community development.

CSWOI is registered and recognized by Departments of Social Development with Reg. No 116-480 in 2013 and with SARS reference number  9917294179 as a Public Benefit Organization in 2020. We are a community-based public benefit organization with the vision and mission of providing basic human needs like shelter, food, water, education support, health care, and skills empowerment to the underprivileged members of society.

CSWOI is run by community members and workers who have a direct influence on the daily operations and efficiency of the organization.

Member of the organization has vast knowledge and skills through various training attended to ensure the success of the organization and of course the comfort, safety, and emotional support of all her beneficiaries across the Living in the Community.

Over the years in CSWOI, we have experienced an overwhelming demand for our services. In the city of Johannesburg and her neighboring areas, more homeless individuals come to us seeking assistance for a change of life by seeking safety. The center, therefore, prioritizes the safety of individuals, especially women and children, from daily mishaps in and around the community and society at large.