CSWOI  is reaching out  to  Kemp ton Park  and  Tembisa  Communities.
We are embarking Publicity  to  draw  attention  of  the  Communities  members  about  the  virus  that  can  destroy their lives if  they refuse  to use  a preventive medical  Materials such as  Marks, Sanitizer,  ect. We  are  also  inculcating in them  the  word  of  hope that, no matter  how  tough  situation  that Pandemic Challenge  has  brought to the  wold  that has  put  fear  into all  Mankind  around  the  Globe, there  is  hope  for the living.
There is no situation  in this  land  of  the  living that will be  fore  ever.
Some  day, we  shall  testify  about  the  goodness  of  the  Lord  that the  Pandemic  Challenge  has  become a  history!
We  started  the  Campaign  at  Green  Maris in one  month ago  by reaching  Families  one  at  a  time. We hope  to  get  support  from the  Public  that  can help us  to get  Patrol, Speakers  that can help us  spread the word  far  beyond  reaching  Families  one  at a time.
The world  Must  act now  and  act speedily  to  come  to  our  aid in  helping  our  Organization Mission  and  projects  to transform  lives  together!   

Please get in touch for more information’s.