Our Achievements

CSWOI Our Achievements

The CSWOI have been existing since 2013 and had continued to make impacts in ways possible. We have undertaken projects across various facets.

We have engaged in “Individual Farmers and youth Agriculture skills empowerment projects” It started stated  in  Ghana with over 25 beneficiaries before spreading into South  Africa  on 29th  December  2020.

Also, we are actively engaged in women empowerment across both Ghana and South Africa. We have empowered over 500 women with various forms of business skills through business conferences, trainings and seminars thereby increasing their rate of employ-ability and relevance to job seekers while building for independence.

Food Pacels
Sixty two Families were fed from 2013 to 2015

The CSWOI is an organization that pays attention to not just the social needs of people but also their welfare. This is proven through the provision and distribution of food parcels to over 100  Families especially during the peak of the Covid pandemic. 

Previous Project
We believe in Empowering Child Education, by Supplying them an Education Materials, Organizing Education Programs for Children who have not yet get an admit ion either in Government school or Private.

In our corporate drive to contribute towards the pursuit of child education, we have provided  educational materials and books  to not less than 500  children. This includes children most of whom are not currently enrolled into any form of formal education. We believe that the mind of a child must be filled with positive instructions and guidance if his/her future must be something to reckon with.

Due to the cataclysmic effects of the noble Covid 19 Pandemic on businesses across nations, we the CSWOI have undertaken the responsibility of organizing business seminars for existing corporate firms, small and medium scale business. We source for bespoke business consultants as resource persons in order to proffer lasting workable solutions to the ravaging down times caused by the pandemic.