NPO fights hunger and poverty in SA and Ghana

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) was started by Francis Asomaning to help communities in Ghana and South Africa fight hunger and poverty. The First of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015 calls for the end of poverty in all forms. This goal is followed by Sustainable Development Goal 2, which aims to achieve zero hunger. 


These goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. 


CSWOI was initiated after learning thousands of children were not attending school in the Sapieman Community (Ghana) and the Kempton Park Community (South Africa). Guardians and parents could not afford to pay school fees. Those who could found that students were often in overcrowded classes, which reduced the quality of education the children received. Hence, Asomaning came up with the idea to have an after-school program to focus on educating and protecting the rights of children.


Our school programs seek to develop the full cognitive, emotional, social, and physical potential of a child.


According to the late Nelson Mandela, “Educating all of our children must be one of our most urgent priorities. We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives.”


Inspired by Madiba’s love for children, CSWOI believes that all children must receive a good education. Over the years, they have been supplying two communities with educational materials and organizing educational programs. These efforts include currently enrolled students in government schools and children who are struggling with their studies due to poverty. 


Moreover, CSWOI runs a number of projects including health care, bible distribution, empowering 500+ women, and training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices. CSWOI provided food parcels for 100+ families, distributed educational materials to 500+ children, and gave free King James Bibles to more than 200 individuals.


The COVID-19 lockdown implemented by the South African government began on 27 March 2020. This left many families in dire need of financial assistance. The South African government issued R350 grants to assist unemployed citizens with essentials, but global inflation continues to increase the cost of living.


According to toe Asomaning, “People who live in Kempton Park have been struggling with poverty since 2012 and the COVID pandemic made matters worse.”


To address the new reality of COVID-19, Asomaning and his team relied on a variety of funding sources, such as private donations, membership dues, and governmental contributions. Thanks to the assistance from these sources, CSWOI has managed to their doors open regardless of the challenges.


CSWOI would like to educate more kids this year. With your help, they can achieve this goal. The NPO is calling on companies, foundations, institutions, organizations, churches, and individuals to donate and support their projects.