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CSWOI Ambassador Opportunity Application World Wide.

The Compassion Soul Winning Outreach International is a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2009. We have Opened our Doors to World Wild, we are Appointing an Ambassador and Candidate of CSWOI to the United Nations Head Office in New York and an Ambassador in your Country as well as an Ambassador of Global Communities you applied to become a member of our ambassadors. Individuals can be applied, Churches can be applied, Companies can apply, Organizations can apply, and Institutions can apply.
All Kinds of Business Entities who believe in Humanitarian Services for Social Impact can apply it.
Individuals or group applicants must stand out for their great qualities: great Ideas, Skills, and good Character. Even as a new Candidate to our Organization. Applicants need to show positivity, and motivation with the amazing potential of Leadership skills with Humility and the Genuine Heart, full of Compassion!
Our Founder and CEO, heartily on behalf of CSWOI will provide you with an appointment letter as CSWOI Global Ambassador.
As Global Ambassador you can perform the following Duties on behalf of the Organization wherever you may find yourself around the Globe:

1. You will be a candidate, Representative, and Ambassador to United Nation Events in New York, Geneva, and other parts of the world.

2.You will be allowed to appoint other Ambassadors to join you in your task.

3. You will be allowed to reach Global Communities and connect with networks that have got a Common Mission.

4. You will be allowed to search and approach Potential Donors or Network Purposes for our projects.

5. You are allowed to provide your Contribution in Cash in a small or big way to help our general projects and activities.

6. You WILL BE allowed to join our Funds Raising team both online and in person for the Organization Projects.

7. As an ambassador all that you will do for the Organization should align with the Organization’s Mission and Vision.

8. You shall be compensated as your work as Ambassador helps us grow the Organization and generate Funding and resources.

9. You are welcome for any business Ideas that may help to generate Funding or resources for our projects.

10. To be part of our members will surely help you to advance your career as well as in Global Communities.
The application is Opened apply now.