Individual Farmers Empowerment

CSWOI Individual Farmers Empowerment

Individuals farmers and Youth Agriculture skills empowerment will provide agriculture skills and employment for youth as well as would provide food Security, food production and Financial freedom .

Our Goal for this projet are as follows:

1, provide agriculture skills and employment for youth

2 To bring enhancement in individuals Farmers Farms for them to produce more food.

3, to create Financial Freedom for Farmers and Youth.

The agriculture sector can  provides more employment opportunities to youths who  are  interested in  agriculture thereby reducing the high rate of unemployment in South  Africa.

It is estimated that agriculture is up to 4 times more effective in reducing poverty than any other working sector in the world. The world is now depending on agriculture more than ever for the feeding of both the poor  and the rich and it is the one economic sector independent of which no country can flourish or survive, especially in the face of the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic

CSWOI in her outreach mission in  South  Africa have come  across  thousands of unemployed youths.

The Individual  Farmers Empowerment will provide  more employment  opportunities  for  youths,  increase food security and enlargement to create Financial Freedom.

On the 26th of December, 2020, CSWOI visited individual  farmers  struggling  with their   farms due to the lack of funding in Tembisa  locations.

In the cause of our interview , it was discovered that their challenges  of funding  cuts across the   following:

  1. Funding for  transport to their farms,
  2. Funding for  hiring  tractor or  laborers,
  3. Funding to build fences around their farms for food security.
  4. Funding to Hire workers