Francis  Asomaning  our  Head  and  CEO is  still  Busy  reaching Business  leaders in  Kemp ton  Park  Community with a  Presentation  of our  Mission  and  Projects for   Kemp-ton Park  Community.

He is Disusing with them  the  needs of  Organizing a  Forum   Event  when  a meeting  will  take place where ideas and views on Covert19 Pandemic Challenge can be exchanged.

Francis  emailed  the  Head  and  the  CEO  of  Counter act  Holding group  who  is one of our  Old Gifts Givers for  the  Community of  an  Invitation letter  to join  our   Gifts   Givers  Team

After the letter  Francis  book an appointment  with  Him  for  a  meeting in his  Office a week  ago

During the  Presentation, the  Head  and the  CEO  of  Counter  act Holding group  said,  he  has developed some  Ideas  that  he think  he  need  to  incorporate an  Ideas  into the  Organization  to help  the  Children  and their  care givers  who  are  mostly in need in this  though  time one  at   time.

He  said even though the  previous Challenges of his Company  and  the  Current Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge  has   cost a  great  loss to  the Company.  How ever he  will  apply his  ideas  to see how  they   can incorporate  their  ideas  into  our  Organization  to help the Children  who  are  mostly in  need  one  at a time. Our  Head,  CEO  Francis  Asomaning  and some  Of  Office  Bearers,  unconnected   Board members  who  care  about our  Mission are in the  process of  Organizing a Forum Event where  all  the  Business Leaders  who  may  care  about our mission  and the  Community will be  invited  to  the  event  to  exchange an Ideas and Incorporation of  an  Ideas of  Counter  act Holding group  and an Ideas  of  our   organization that may help  to  effect   more  Changes  in the lives of those w e  are helping  and  those we  shall help in  Kemp ton Park  Community.
English Language Learners Definition of idea:
: a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do. : an opinion or belief. : something that you imagine or picture in your mind.
Francis  believe that  a one  thought,  plan,  suggestion, an  opinion   or  believe of  a  Business leader that  may  come  up at  the  event can brings a  Great  impart  in the  lives  of  the  children and their  care  Givers. in   Kemp ton   Park  Community. He believes that it  is  an   Ideas  that  brings  creativity and  creativity  can  create  Changes  in  every  situation  that  we  are  all  have  found ourselves  in  this  Covert19   Pandemic Challenge!
Francis  believe that it  is  an  Ideas  that  God  uses  to  answer  prayers and  the  world  were  framed  by the  word and  the word  were  spoken through an  ideas   and  the  spoken  word  brought  Creation.
Some religious  Leaders  believe  that  Holding Bibles   moving around  preaching  to  people  or  preaching  in  a  Congregation  is  the  work  of  God. We  do not  believe  in  that.
God  can  use any  Human  Institutions  to  transform lives  for  his  Glory.
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