Francis  Asomaning  our  Head  and  CEO is  still  Busy  reaching Business  leaders in  our Global  Communities with a  Presentation  of our  Mission  and  Projects.

He is Disusing with them  the  needs of  Organizing a  Forum   Event  when    a meeting  will  take place where ideas and views on Covert19 Pandemic Challenge can be exchanged.

Francis  emailed  the  Head  and  the  CEO  of  Counter act  Holding group  who  is one of our  Old Gifts Givers for  the  Community of  an  Invitation letter  to join  our   Goff’s  Givers  Team

After the letter  Francis  book an appointment  with  Him  for  a  meeting in his  Office,

During the  Presentation, the  Head  and the  CEO  of  Counter  act Holding group  said,  he  has developed some  Ideas  that  he think  he  need  to  incorporate an  the idea  into the  Organization  to help  the  Children  and their  care givers  who  are  mostly in need in this  though  time.  He  said even though the  previous Challenges of his Company  and  the  Current Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge  has   cost a  great  loss to  the Company.  How ever he  will  apply his  ideas  to see how  they   can incorporate  their  ideas  into  our  Organization  to help the Children  who  are  mostly in  need  one  at a time.
We are hoping  to  get  a positive feed  back  from  Counter  act Holding group.
On behave of  our  Organization  our  CEO  and  the  Head  Francis  Asomaning  is  still  embarking Global   C operate Social  responsibilities  Champaign both online  and  offline  and  coronet  with  Gift  Givers  for  our  Organization  projects.
He  he  has  helped  the  Organization  created  account  with  Talk leads and  linked  tail lead  purposely to  get  Donors  for   our  Organization  on our  website,
Francis  has  Created  PayPal  account  and  Donation  Bottom  for  online Funds  reason  Purposes  were  alll Makind  from  around the  world  who  may  care about our  mission  abd Projects  mat  donate  to  our  Communities  through  PayPal  Donation platform  here  Donate
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