Francis  Asomaning  our  Head, CEO  and Gift  Giver  is  still  Busy  reaching Companies  in  our Global  Communities with a  Presentation  of our  Mission  and  Projects.


He is Discussing with them the import ants  of them  to be involve of  our  Projects in  Order  to  help  and tackle Covert19 Pandemic Challenge  together with  our  Team.
We  aim  to extend our  Campaign  not  to  only  email  Marketing  but  also,  to  Campaign  through both  offline and  online  various  Medias.
That  may help  to  gain  Gift  Givers  or  Donors.

Together  with  Unique  Compassion  Soul  Wining Foundation  and  Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International will  make  sure  that  all  the  Deceptive  online  platform  Network  will  be  disconnected  from  the  Organization.