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Trauma counselling

We are Currently busy still embarking this project by self help. We believe in organizing trauma counseling for youth and the families that we serve. We take youths, children, and caregivers through counseling sessions meant to effect a change of mindset. These people, most of whom have been through several forms of abuse, need a reaffirming of hope. Hence the need for counseling to inculcate this hope.

Why Trauma counselling

We aim to connect with physiologists, Counselors Team, Psychologists and Clergies. The importance of trauma counseling can not be over emphasized in terms of the impacts and positive outcomes it promises;

  • Helping those we serve   to understand their  coping mechanisms;
  • Validate  their  feelings and emotions;
  • Stop guide against the use of suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Helping them to make sense of what has happened to  them and inculcating in  them  the message of hope
  • To integrate the event meaningfully into their lives.
  • Guiding them to live in the present rather than constantly being re-triggered by their past