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Trauma counselling

Helping our communities,  we have been able to provide people with the help they need to overcome various trauma that they have experienced in their lives. Our Program has organized trauma counseling for youth and families that we serve That have lost  hope in life  due to lives Circumstances  and  crises.  These people need a Reaffirming hope and to accomplish this, we apply sound Biblical support to the Families that are impacted.

Why Trauma counselling

We aim to connect victims of abuse and distress with physiologists, Psychologists, and Clergies. The importance of trauma counseling cannot be overemphasized in terms of the impacts and positive outcomes that include;

  • Understanding coping mechanisms;
  • Validate feelings and emotions;
  • The use of suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Allowing a message of hope and salvation through the Gospel;
  • Guiding them to live in the present rather than the past