Free Trauma Counseling


We normally take  the  Youth,  Children and their  Care  Givers  through  Counseling  to  Change their Negative  mindset  into  positive, Inculcating  hope  in them  that  there  is  hope  for  the living.

Why  Trauma Counseling?:

  • Helping those we serve   to understand their  coping mechanisms;
  • Validate  their  feelings and emotions;
  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Helping them   to make sense of what has happened to  them and inculcating in  them  the message  hope
  • Integrate the event meaningfully into  their lives.
  • Granting them hope  and Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being re triggered by the past

 Capacity Expansion Strategies of  Our  Services:

  With  the  help  of  Unique  Compassion Soul wining Foundation   Capacity  Expansion Strategy will be  one  of our  priorities  in  2021  to meet a rising demand for  our  services to  Tackle  Covert19 Pandemic  Challenge  whiles  Focussing  these the  following areas of  our  Services.
1,  Leadership  training of  our  Team  and  Demonstrating the  real love of  God  among Team members.
2,  Team  work
3,  Transparency
4, Honesty
5,  Respect
6  Determination
 7,   accountability
8,   Network
9,   We shall Make  Sure  that, any deceptive   network will be  disconnected from  our Organization!
We believe that, due to covid19 pandemic challenge, an  above  mentioned  focusing areas of  our  services  will  help  to meet a rising demand for  our  services.
We aim to provide  services to  400  Individuals  Families who are   mostly in  Need.
Target group  are, Children,  Youth,  women and  men  who  are  mostly in  need.