Food Parcels

How do we get the food Parcels?

During the luck down Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation managed and bought food parcels for 25 Children and their care givers.
Even though we are all in tough time, how ever they sacrificed and Shared what they have with those who are mostly in need through Compassion Soul Winners outreach International. We deliver the food to them right at their doweling places

United Nation accreditation:

We obtained our Special consultative  accreditation  from  United  Nation  online in 2018  in Ghana, before we  made  our  Mission trip  to  South  Africa  in  2019 and reflected to our  past projects in  South  Africa since  2019 up till  date. In  Ghana  and  South  Africa, we  were  very  active in  UN  Organizations  Online Programs,  Such  as  UN  Women and  UN  Global Compact  UNGM,  and  UN  ICAO/  How  ever  we  found  out  that  these   Organizations  are not reliable  at all therefore we  could  not  trust  them  any  longer, and  there is  no  way we  shall  participate in their either  event or  program any  more.

If   UN  Themselves or  any  UN  Organization  or  their  consultative status  have brought a   cent  to   help  our  Projects  towards their  Sustainable  goal then  Consider  UN  Organization  and  the rest  of  all  the  UN  Organizations  a s  a  crooks..

Here  is  how  we may engage  in  UN  Programs According to their  consultative  status.
1 To  attend  UN  University,  which  that  cannot  be  possible for  no  Funding inthis  tough  time for  any  UN  Course.
2, To participate in a UN reliable Organization Events  which  we  have  not  yet  get  any  UN  Reliable  Organization to  partner or  work  with.
3,  To attend United Nations Economic and Social  Council (ECOSOC)  Events and meetings  in  New York, USA  which  that  may  be  in  future  for  no  Funding  to travel  to  UN  event and there  is  no  way  we  shall  use  our  Projects  Funding  and  travel  to  UN  Event  for  what?  Unless  may  be  we  get  travel  grant  from  other institutions  or we  get  Business  Contract  either from UN  or  Non- UN  Entity.
4, To submit  our Report  to  UN  in  every  four  years which  we  are  also  thinking  of  Submitting  a  report  to  UN  for  what?  which  Contract   or  Funding,  have  w e  received  because  of  UN   in order  to  summit  our  report? That  is  what  we  are  waiting  for,  from  UN  or  from  any UN  Organization.
Untill  then  or  may  we  find  ourselves  in  New  York,  USA  in  future  to meet  UN  in person trust  God  United Nation  have  got  nothing  to  to  with  our Organization towards their  2030  Agender. we  say it again they  have  got  nothing  to  do  with  us!!!
As already  Mentioned , On behave of  the  Organization projects, our  Head  and  CEO is  reaching all  Kinds  of  Business Entities and  an Individuals  Globally, who  may  care  about  our  mission  and  Projects  in  South  Africa and  Ghana.