Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) has seen the needs of Focusing on the following Projects and Programs in South Africa

  1. Global  Social Cooperate responsibilities  Network
  2. Supply  Chain  Network
  3. Education  Support  Network
  4. Health care support  Network
  5. Individuals  Farmers  Agricultural  Skills empowerment.
  6. Trauma Counseling  for the Vulnerable group
  7. Food Parcels Distribution

Our team of unique CSWOI foundation is doing all they can to help.

Women Empowerment 

We organize and take women on business conferences to acquire business skills and knowledge. In our outreach programs, we’ve found out that 90% of women that were not working, through our Mission got employment.

2021 Action plan for Other Projects for alleviating the challenges of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Projects 1: Capacity  Building of  Staff and  Board members through training to tackle  Covid19 Pandemic Challenges together.

Projects  2: Providing for Staffs allowance/stipends for their compensation for their good work.

Project  3: Nutritional food  Parcel Distribution to vulnerable Families who are suffering more in this  Pandemic Challenge

Project 4: Health care programs and activities with  Health care  Entities to reduce the spread of the virus.

Project 5: Individuals farmers and youth agriculture skills  empowerment.

Projects 6: Counseling programs with various Physicians.

Project 7: Awareness Campaign of Cooperate Social responsibilities Network to lead Change together.