Child Education Support

CSWOI Child Education Support

From 2013 to 20 15 and from 2017-2019,we supported One hundred less village children in their Education both in South Africa and Ghana. In 2019 and 2020, we were in the process of Organizing Basic Computer training for underprivileged Children, but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Challenge we hold on for a while.

How ever, In 2021 we still need a place where we can start this program to help the kids to effect change in their future, for we lost a place that mean for this program due to the pandemic Challenge.

We believe in empowering every child for and towards education. This we do by supplying them education materials and organizing educational programs for children who are yet to be enrolled into either Government or private schools. It is a special program that we Organize for both those who are not yet enrolled, in other to learn together with those who are already enrolled.