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More  than  1, 500 Children proceeded with Education Materials and  500 Children were enrolled.

From 2013 to 2015 and from 2017-2019,  2021  till date, we supported one  thousand five  hundred fewer villages children in their Education both in South Africa and Ghana. We believe in Empowering every child for and towards education. This we do by supplying them with educational materials and organizing educational programs for children who are yet to  be enrolled into either Government or private schools. It is a special program that we Organize for both those who are not yet enrolled   in  order  to learn together with those who are already enrolled.

 Early Childhood Development Education Empowerment.

In  2023  we  would be  working in collaboration with Nursery schools,  Junior High schools, and Secondary Schools to University Level . 

Our  Education programs  is  actually Benefiting both  Teachers,  Students, schools  and  Communities.
Hundreds  of  Teachers  has got  Scholarship  and  Job  opportunities and  more  experience  through  their  free online  Volunteers  Services  to  our  Organization. Students  HAVE  seen  improvements  in their  Academics.
We Are  Currently  Helping  Angels  Keepers and  Kiddies care  Center Nursery schools in various ways for Early Childhood Development  Education. We are  in the  process of  extending it to other Countries as  well  in 2023.

It is our aim that the Program will help to create a better future for all.

Academics Curriculum Support.
English, Mathematics,  Life Skills, Computers, Afrikaans, Digital skills training, Graphic Design.
  • Arts: Music and Movement.
  • English Language Arts and Literacy.
  • Science.
  • Technology and Engineering and Among  others.
Objectives planning for Students:
1.Free student laptops will be given to students who will be in regular attendance in classes for 4–5 Months.
2.Free  Health care treatment for students Supporting health and safety.
3. Free  Students' books,   Education  Materials, and equipment for  Students.
4. Providing nutritional school feeding programs for students.
5.Free online After School classes  is actually  helping students who are not yet enrolled and those  who  are  enrolled.  
Qualified teachers from  South  Africa,  Ghana, Africa, Europe, Canada,  Japan,  China,   and other  Part of the world are available.
why  this Project?:
In our outreach programs both in Ghana and  South  Africa, we have come across thousands of Children who are not yet enrolled due to overcrowded students in Government schools and high rates of unemployment. Guardians could not take their kids to private schools.
We believe that this program will help many of these Children to have an access to quality seduction. We are already helping Angels  Keepers and  Kiddie scare Center  Nursery schools in various ways, such as  Donated Nutritional food  Parcels to support health care, We  Donated quality bookshelves to the school, Donated Beautiful and quality wool ling  Carpet to create good environments for the Kids to study. 
We have found out that  the  various  Schools that have been established in our  Communities are rely helping the  State to reduce the lack of  Knowledge in our Society and helping to create a bright future for these kids.
The truth is that the State or Government alone cannot do it. So if Community members are establishing   Schools,  it  helps and it is a brilliant idea that  Community members are establishing   Schools that we encourage State   Governments to support these private schools in whatever good way they can.
Do  we  get  Paid from  Beneficiaries?:  The  Program is for  Free. How  ever  the  Contributions from  Community members will  be  highly  appreciated.
Our online Education program  supporting Early Childhood Development Education get started on  last year  2021.
The Program is an online  Home Based Education Program benefiting both students who are enrolled and those who are not yet enrolled.
Process  for Volunteers Teachers or Tutors Candidate   to  help:
1.  The  Teacher will be interviewed through Whats-app communication.
2.  During an Interview the  Volunteers need to provide the following Information's.
 Academic  subject they  want to teach 
B The Grade they want to teach
A day or days in a week they will be available to teach.
D Volunteers will be added to the teachers' group.
Volunteers will Introduce themselves to the  teachers group  to explain the time,  Subject, grade, day, or days in a week per hour they will be available to teach.
F The group teachers will connect the new candidate with guardians and the guardians and the teachers will arrange a time on our timetable for students to join classes Online.
G volunteers need to provide reports once a week within the 12 weeks.
Time  Frame:
The Time Framed  is from  7:00 PM   to  9:00 PM  in the South  Africa time zone.
I hour  per  Subject
12  weeks  Duration for the task.
After 12  weeks, the  feed  Back of all the Volunteer's  tasks  will be  Summit ed  to  UNV Team for their UN International  Peace Volunteer Certificate that can offer great  Opportunities in their  Careers.  
Education Programs:
Our  Education Programs Does not limit to Online  Early Childhood Development education empowerment only,  We are in the process of  extending  to   Schools from Nursery Schools to    University levels.   Multiples of online qualified teachers or  Tutors are available.
So  the  Following are  the  classes  
We  have  got  two  types  of  Tutorials  Classes:
1.  Home  Based  Tutorials classes:
which  is after  school classes  that benefit students who are  not yet  enrolled  and  those  who  are enrolled. Parents  apply Internet  device including  Sharp phone to connect students  with  high  quality teachers   online for classes. Teachers  can  help students do  school  Home  work  and  help  students  learn  other  new  subjects that are not  available in their schools.
2.   Classroom  Tutorials Classes:
Is    after  schools classes  or  Time  framed classes  in  a  classroom by the School  where  an  Internet  device  and  projectors  will be  use  for  where  students will  see  teachers  teaching  life in  their  classrooms. 

Our online Education Programs have impacted students and some have got award in their Schools. In a due time Testimonials will be shared with the world

Our  online education program  will  benefit more students  in  remote  communities  in 2023.

We   also  aim to Build  Schools  in  remote  areas  where schools  needed  in a  future, where  Students  will  have  an  access  to a  quality  Education.