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Child welfare

500 Children were proceeded with Education Materials and 200 Children were enrolled.

From 2013 to 20 15 and from 2017-2019,we supported One hundred less village children in their Education both in South Africa and Ghana. In 2019 and 2020,  We believe in empowering every child for and towards education. This we do by supplying them education materials and organizing educational programs for children who are yet to be enrolled into either Government or private schools. It is a special program that we Organize for both those who are not yet enrolled, in other to learn together with those who are already enrolled.

 Early Childhood Development Education Empowerment.

We are currently working in collaboration  with Nursery schools towards  Early Childhood    Development Education empowerment. that will  Benefit, Students, Teachers,  in Nursery Schools and the nursery school as a  whole  in our  Communities. We are  Currently  Helping  Angels  Keepers  and  Kiddies care  Center Nursery  schools   in  various  ways for Early Childhood Development  Education. It is our aim that  the Program will help to create a better  future   for  all.

Early Childhood Curriculum.
English, Mathematics,  Life skills, Computers, Afrikaans, Digital skills training, Graphic Design.
  • Arts: Music and Movement.
  • English Language Arts and Literacy.
  • Science.
  • Technology and Engineering.

Any  Nursery Schools who are  Interested in his Program can  contact  us  now.  

From grade 0-9
Age: 0- 13  years.
objective planning for Students:
1, Free student laptop will be  given  to a students  who  will be  regular attendance in classes  for 4–5 Months.
2,  Free  Health  care  treatment  for students Supporting the health and safety.
3,  Free  Students books,   Education  Materials  and  equipment for  Students.
4,  Providing nutritional school feeding program for students.
5, Free online  after School classes  for Vulnerable Children. 
Qualify teachers from  South  Africa,  Ghana, Africa, Europe, Canada,  Japan,  China,   and  from  other  Part of the world are available.
why  this Project?:
In our  outreach programs both in Ghana and  South  Africa, we  have come  across  thousands of Children who  are not  yet  enrolled due to overcrowded students in Governments schools  and  high rate of unemployment, guardians could not take their kids to private schools.
We believe that this program  will help  many of these Children to have  an  access to  quality seduction. We are  already helping Angels  Keepers and  Kiddie scare Center  Nursery schools in various ways, such as  Donated Nutritional food  Parcels to support  health care, We currently  Donated quality  bookshelves  to the  school, Donated Beautiful and  quality  wool ling  Carpet to create good  environments for the Kids to study. We shall Organize Teacher training programs with our Network from  both in South  Africa  and abroad that will  help teachers to deliver quality  education for the Children.
we  are  reaching  Various  Nursery Schools both in Cities  and  rural areas for  the  same  Purpose.    
We have  found out that,  the Various Nursery Schools that  have  been  Established in our  Communities are rely  helping  the  State to  reduce lack of  Knowledge in  our Society and helping to create  a bright future for these   kids.
The truth is that the State  or Government  alone  cannot  do  it, so if the Community members are establishing Nursery  Schools or Schools,  It helps and it is  brilliant idea  that  Community members are  establishing  Nursery Schools  that we  encourage State   Governments  to support  these private  schools what  ever  good  way  they  can.

Child Education Empowerment.

Project plan for children education
Child Education Sponsorship.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International believes in empowering every child for and towards education.

This is done by supplying education materials and organizing educational programs both online and offline for children who are enrolled in government or private schools and students struggling in their education due to the poverty family.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International believes that education is the best gift that you can give to valuable Children. Unfortunately, thousands of children face challenges in Africa due to poverty and the lack of resources.

We have helped hundreds of children in their Education both in Ghana and South Africa who are now doing well.

Why sponsoring children's education?

Sponsoring children's education gives them the chance to benefit from education like any other child in the world and gives them the chance to realize their God-given potentials in life.


  • Sponsoring children's Education will help them to end a better future.
  • Sponsoring children's education is a more extraordinary gift you can ever give to end a better future.
  • Sponsoring children in their education will provide them with foresight for the right direction in life.


We believe that empowering children's education will help build a better family, a better community, Countryman, better Nations, and the world at large for all.

Current Children education and skills development programs areas follows:

Early childhood Development Education Center: 

We are  in the process of establishing Early Childhood Development Education  Centre  that  will  Benefit Nursery

Schools  and Children in  Kempton Park Community, Tambisa,  Johannesburg  and  its  surrounding area. 

The  Centre will help  train teachers  as  well with our  network  to  deliver a quality Education  to students including IT

Technology  training programs. 

Online  learning:

Our online learning program  is  Benefiting  both students who are enrolled  and those  who  are not  yet enrolled.

It is  Home  Based Education support program  that  we  have got   United  Nations Volunteers  Tutors across  the  globe  who  are using  South  Africa  Basic Curriculum teaching  grade  R  to grade   8  students   for  free.

How  ever some  students finding it  difficult to participate in this program  effectively due to  the lack of  an  internet  Devise and  Data.

FAQs - Child Education:

  1. Scope. Who is receiving support through this project? Where are they located?
    The Centre will Benefit  Nursery Schools  that  we  are helping and  those, will  help. It will also  Benefit teachers,    Children  and their  Families. The location  of the  Centre is  53A  Marauder Street, Rose field Kemp ton Park, Johannesburg, 1619

    2. Are donations delivered in the  Center?
    Yes.  All  Donations  in  Cash will be  donated to the Organization Bank  account  or  will  be  donated to our  payment processor platform. All  Donations  in  Kind  will be  send to the  Centre  at   53A  Marauder Street, Rose field Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1619

  2. What kind of education is provided? Cultural, academic, religion?
    We are currently Focusing on Early child hood Development Education as well as helping two  nursery  schools by providing wool ling Carpet Creating  good environments for the students  to study. We shall soon start Teachers Training programs that will  help teachers in the  area to  deliver  a quality  Education to  their  students. The Kind of  Education provided for the  students  are  English, Mathematics,  Computer science, Life skills History,  Geography  ect.
  3. What kind of donations are we seeking? School materials, books, large benefactors?
    We need Funding to pay for the rent and  teachers. We need Educations Materials, students  books,  Teachers  books blackboards, desks, scholarship   students  van ect.

    5. How are funds targeted? Enabling schools, paying teachers, buying desks / blackboards, scholarships?
    The funds are drafted together by the finance group prior to distribution address  the  needs of the  Centre and the  2 nursery Schools that   we  are  helping.

    6. Who is / are in charge of this program within the community?
    Our Management Board working together with our Founder  and  CEO, Francis Asomaning,

Is our Services  are Paid Services?: Yes until we get a  full potential  Sponsors or Donors our  services  need  to be  paid  for that  can enable us  to Runs our Programs,  activities  and Projects Efficiency  and  effectively. How ever they are  affordable.

Objectives Issues to address:

1,   Funding  to  pay  for the Rent for the  Center.

2,   Funding to  pay  teachers

6, students  laptops

7, students  Furniture's  and  blackboards.

8, School  Van ,

      Providing books for Teachers and talking with children and parents  in  Nursery schools

  • Organizing Health care treatment events with health care institutions. Supporting the health and safety in our nursery  Schools.
  • Providing quality teacher training education programs with our network for teachers to  deliver  quality education for childhood Development education both online  and offline.
  • .Providing nutritional school feeding programs in nursery schools.
  • .Providing nursery schools facilities.
  • .Recruiting online Volunteers from Local and  International  Communities.
  • Providing Bibles,  emotional and spiritual support with counseling through Biblical-based teaching for Parents and caretakers.
  • Recruiting  offline and online Volunteers from Local and  International  Communities to help with their  skills  and knowledge.
  • footer   containers  needed for classroom expansion.