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500 Children were proceeded with Education Materials and 200 Children were enrolled.


From 2013 to 20 15 and from 2017-2019,we supported One hundred less village children in their Education both in South Africa and Ghana. In 2019 and 2020, we were in the process of Organizing Basic Computer skiil training for underprivileged Children, but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Challenge we hold on for a while. We believe in empowering every child for and towards education. This we do by supplying them education materials and organizing educational programs for children who are yet to be enrolled into either Government or private schools. It is a special program that we Organize for both those who are not yet enrolled, in other to learn together with those who are already enrolled.

Internet technology is playing a major role in the area of  Human Development.
It has become a system that the world cannot run away from it, especially in this  Pandemic  Challenge!

  • Research
  • Downloading files
  • Discussion groups
  • Interactive games
  • Education and self-improvement
  • Friendship

An Internet Technology is  very  useful  and  beneficial  to  all  Kinds  of  Business  Entities,  Organizations,  Churches  and  Institutions  who  use  it  to  enhance their  Businesses.
CSWOI  has  found  out  that even  though Billions  of  Children  are facing  Big Challenges  in their  Education  due  to the Pandemic Challenge. Some  schools  are closed,  cannot  operate due to  the increase  to  the  spread of the virus. Some  Children from  poor  Homes  have got  no access  to  an  Education  which  CSWOI  has found out that it is  not good  situation at all.


CSWOI  has  developed  a  plan  for  some  of  these  Children.  We  are  connecting  with  various  Internet  Cafes  in  Kempton Park  and  Tembisa  Communities  where  some  of this  children  will  be  taken  to  for  an  Internet  skills  training that will help  the  Children  who are  Mostly in need  to  acquire  Internet  Skills  training online that  will enable  the  Children  to  do  self studies  at  home even if  schools  are  closed.

We shall  connect  with  an online   accredited  Computer  Skills training Institution hat will  be  our stake  holder  that can  provide  a  certificate  for  this  training.
We  also  aim  to  help  an  adults  as  well  in  future  as  this  program  help  us  to  establish  a   Computer  skills  training  Cent re. 
Even  though  CSWOI  has  got  a  place   at a  private  school  where  we  can embark  this  Education  program including  after  schools  classes, however  since  schools  are  closed we  are  connecting  with various Internet  CAFE  starting  with   Computer skills  training  for  Kids  between  4    to  15  years.
Once  Schools  are   Opened, we  shall   then  move the  whole Child Education support  program  to  the place.

At the moment we are empowering 2 Children at a time with Computer skills training and Basic English and Mathematical lessons to avoid gathering Crowd.

We aim to established a Basic Schools Lessons Education and Computer skills training Center for students and those who are yet to enroll to go there for Studies in future

Education Charity

Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach  International believes that education is the best  gift  that you can give to  volunable Children.  Thousands of  Children  are facing challenges  in their  education in  Africa due  to  poverty  and the  lack of  resources.


CSWOI  has supported  35  Children  with after  School classes and also enrolled them in school and now they are doing well.
We  Aim  to  enroll 50  Children  in South  Africa  through  our  Child Education Support Program

One of the  reasons of  our   Global Cooperate Social  Responsibilities  Campaign that we are embarking in South  Africa is to  Support  Child  Education both in  South  Africa and  Ghana.

The goal is to help Underprivileged Children to attain free quality Education.

We call the world to take an action and come to our aid now!