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We conduct Outreach and Bibles Distributions Programs to Inculcate hope in Vulnerable groupsIt is also our contribution to reducing Immorality in our Societies as well as Connecting them with the God of all Mankind.We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our supporters, their unselfish Contribution to our Organization. Our Appreciation goes to Brother George Festus Blamoh, LAS and his Team the Country Director- Association For Life of Africa-Liberia as well who connected us with Bible Grant provider.It helps the Communities of our Commitment to serving our vulnerable groups.The first Bible grant in 2022 has helped 200 Families , including children, youth, women and men are Connected with the God of all Mankind for lives transformations.The second Bibles grant have helped Connected 255 Families including Children, youth, Women and Men and also connected Angels Keepers nursery school that have got 60 students and also connected Kiddies care Centre that have got 150 students with the God of all Mankind for lives transformations.Our Outreach and Bibles distributions Programs have actually helped reduced violence, Crime, distress and depression in Marikana and Tambisa Communities. That are the great work they have done with us!2023 Is the Year for more actions in reaching the Lost and Destitute in Remote areas. Your Contribution will help reach more needed remote areas.