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United Nation Accreditation

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International obtained  Special consultative Accreditation from the United Nations in 2019. We currently operate in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe as of  January 2023. We have been active across several UN programs both online and in-person since we received  the  accreditation. We hope to get the right network opportunities that may help us reach many villages in Africa and other part of the world for a real change for human sustainable  development.

How ever our network are not limited only to United Nations System.

We believe  that, the God  of  all  Mankind  and  all  nations can use anybody from anywhere to accomplish his purpose on earth. We  belie  in  Genuine  Network and we  do  reject  Deceptive  network. 

United Nations Volunteers

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International is connected with the UNV online volunteers platform. We post our online opportunities for volunteers to engage in discussions regarding our  work. Some of the volunteers are doing great online in assisting us with their skills and knowledge. Hundreds of volunteers have completed their volunteering services with us and attained the United Nations International Peace Volunteer Certificate with our organization.  
We  are Currently doing Final  Candidate   and  Ambassadors  selections.  It is  not  about  quantity, it is  about  Compassionate and  genuine  heart that intend to help to Make  positive impact in the  lives  of  Vulnerable group.