United Nation accreditation

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International obtained our Special consultative accreditation from  United Nations in 2018  while in Ghana. Before we had our   Mission trip back to  South  Africa in  2019 and we have since reflected to our past projects in  South Africa and  also  implemented  new  projects  that we  are  currently  embarking in  South  Africa.

We have been very active across several online UN  organizations programs such as  UN  Women and  UN  Global Compact  UNGM,  and  UN  ICAO Ect.

Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  were hoping to get sponsorship or physical support for projects, but there was nothing like that available and some feel UN Organizations are not reliable, however we  are in the process of  forming  UN volunteer group  who  will  help  the local  Board  members to Join UN Event both online  and offline towards SGDs Network.

United Nations Volunteers

CSWOI is connected with the UN online Volunteers platform. We Post our online opportunities for volunteers to engage in discussions regarding the Campaign. We have a great time and interesting discussions with our volunteers. Some of the volunteers are doing great online in assisting our Online Funds Raising task. We have assigned some of the volunteers in leading various groups in the volunteer's Team. Some are doing good work some are showing very poor commitment. However we are replacing new volunteers of all volunteers who are showing poor commitment and leadership and for those Volunteers, we may reject their volunteers applications.