Holistic approach to reaching children and their caregivers who are mostly in need.


To providing basic human needs.


Respect, hum unity, honesty, caring, agreement, hard work, accountability, transparency, good moral life, accepting apology for change
when we may do something wrong as humans and finally human rights.


CSWOI wants to work with other organizations, churches, businesses with an autonomous authority to involve other organizations who
are Interested in holistically addressing social issues in our catchment areas (Ghana and South Africa), communities where we are
operating as well as serving other communities of other countries through other organizations in short term partnerships.

Activities towards Sustainable Development

Counselling through biblical based, food parcels distribution, co-operation-sewing, supply chain networking for social impact, export and
import of general goods for social impact, freight forwarding business network for social impact, health care treatment, supplying
education materials for social impact, individual farmers and youth, agriculture skills empowerment, entrepreneur skills empowerment
network. Fundraising networking with all kinds of business entities and lastly, taking a venture philanthropy holistic approach through
business network for sustainable community development.

CSWOI – Background

CSWOI is registered and recognized by Departments of Social Development with Reg. No 116-480 in 2013 and with SARS reference number 9917294179 as a Public Benefit Organization in 2020. A community-based public benefit organization with the vision and mission of providing basic human needs like shelter, food, water, education support, health care, and skills empowerment to the underprivileged members of society.

CSWOI is run by community members and workers who have a direct influence on the daily operations and efficiency of the organization.

Members of the organization have vast knowledge and skills through attending various training programmes to ensure the success of the organization and of
course the comfort, safety, and emotional support of all beneficiaries across the communities.

Over the years in CSWOI, we have experienced an overwhelming demand for our services. In the city of Johannesburg and neighboring areas, more homeless
individuals come to us seeking assistance for a change of life by seeking safety. The center, therefore, prioritizes the safety of individuals, especially women and
children, from daily mishaps in and around the community and society at large.

A brief history of the organization

CSWOI started in Ghana in 2008 by Francis Asomaning alone with a mission of providing the basic human needs for refugee children
and carers in Ghana, and wider national village communities. We were taking a word of hope to them to improve their tough situation.
There was not enough food for them, no education for their children and no good place for them to live.

In 2009 Francis was joined by a close friend some six backers, with their help we were able to register our work as an NGO in Ghana. We
provided books to support the education of child refugees and for the people who care for them. In addition, we organized vegetables
farm projects in 5 village communities in Ghana. We organized after school classes for children who were not attending school to learn
with those who are already attending.

These operations continued until 2012 when the organization extended to Kempton Park community South Africa helping homeless
kids, youths, and empowering women with the motive of embarking a global corporate social responsibilities campaign to connect with
backers around the world that may be interested in our work to assist us both in South African and Ghanaian projects.

We shifted our attention little bit from homeless to the families in as we found the  was the source of most homeless people in our
communities and continue to focus on these groups now.