I am Francis  Asomaning the  over all operation of  Compassion Soul Winners   Outreach International  located in South  Africa  and  Ghana working  with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Teams.
 I supervise  Staff members and programs including policy building and implementation
Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International started  by  Francis  Asomaning and  his team  with a  Mission of Providing  basic Human  needs in  Ghana in the year 2008 and  the  Organization Extended  its  Feathers to  South  Africa in 2012.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  and Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation Team, have Teamed up with UNV TEAM and Posted Online vlounteers Opprtunity on UNV Website. The Opportunity aim to actract Potential UN Online Volunteers expetize to support our Online Funds Raising Compaign for Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects. Details will be found on UNV Website.

I have  done  vacuous  courses  including  Social development courses  online  and  still learning  Furthering  my  Education through  online  courses whiles  i  am  still  working  for Mankind   in  need and  for  our  Societies. I believe that  our  service  to  man is  our  service  to the  God  of  all Mankind.
I  believe  in  part  time learning  regarding  my Mission  whiles  i  am  also  Focusing  on the  practical  aspect  of  it.
I  am  still  Participating  in various  virtual Business  learner hip  programs online as  well.
I  am also  learning every   day  in  my  mission work, doing  research and  gaining more  learning resources   that  will  help  to serve  those  w e help   and  our  Societies  better.
Some  one  may  ask in  which  External group, a  Church  or  a  Government  party do  i  belong?
The  Specific groups  i  am  working  for as a  Head  and  SEO  are  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International and  Unique  Compassion Soul  Winning  Foundation. How  ever  i  am also  belong  to  any  Church,  Entity, an  Organization  and  Communities around the  world  who  believe  in  Gods  Supremacy  and  his  Existence  and  also  caring  about meeting  the  Basic  Human  Needs  through  Holistic  approach  as  well as  belongs  to  any   good entity,  Governments  party  or  politicians  who care  about meeting  the  Basic  Human  Needs.
 Volunteer  service
I  am  Currently registered  for  United  Nations  Volunteer  Portal  and  Volunteer  Engagement  Portal  that  enable  us   to apply  for  UN  Volunteer  Job  Opportunities.to  serve   other  Countries   through  a  UN  organization who  may approve  our  application as  well  as   will  enable  UN  Online  Volunteer  to  apply  to  self  our  Communities  through  our  Organization. .I  have  already  applied  for three  UN  call  to  action  Volunteer  Job and waiting  for  approval from them  or   any one  of  them  that  may   offer  an  an Opportunity  to  work  with  United  Nations  and  to gain more  experience  of the  work  of  United  Nations.
We  also  want  to get  UN  online  Volunteers  that  may show  interest  in our  Organization  to  work  with  us  in  helping  us  to meet  the  Needs  of  the  Organization  and the  Vol unable   Families  that  we serve.
Volunteer  Benefits :
The more we serve  others,  the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence.  Doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment.  And the better I   feel about  myself,, the more likely i  have positive view of my life and future goals.
Benefit  of  Volunteers work.
It  will  offered  an  Opportunity  to  learn  more  from others.
It  will  gain  Capacity  building  Network  for  lives  Changing purposes as  well  as  encouraging trust building.
Nothing gets done by one person alone, which means we have to band together to make the Change we  want  to see  in the world, especially in this  Pandemic  Challenge  season. Volunteerism has indeed been the fuel to the fires of change both on international and local fronts. Volunteering my time, skills, and resources, is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference, to help others, and as it turns out, to enhance my well-being as  well and  future  goals towards Sustainable Community  Development.


            The organization’s objectives are as follows:


1  Develop Strategic plan, Set  big  picture  goals, that align with  Organization  Mission  Vision  and  values.

2  Translate  into  tactical  plan, set a measurable  time sensitive  goals  for  our  Projects, activates  and  Programs.

3  Create  operational plans, Establish  process for  our  Team  and  employees  for  our  employees that outline  the  work  they deliver.

4  Executive plans,  Put Operational  plans  into  action, which incorporate  tactical  & Strategic plans,

5  Monitor progress &  Adjust   Run reports  analysing  weather operational plans are meeting  tactical goals.

6  We  aim  to  Network with all  Kinds  of  Business Entities and  Individuals  either  through  Integration,  Partnership, employments, contract,  Sponsorship  or  Donations  base on agreements.

 Clearly  Statement  of  our  Objectives

7,  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International want  to   work  with  other  Organizations.  Churches,  Companies   or  Entities, but with  an  autonomous  authority to  involve   all  Kinds  of  Business  Entities  in the  area  who  are  Interested in holistically addressing  Social  Issues in  our  Catchments areas  of  Communities  where we  are operating as  well as  serving  other   Communities of  other  Countries   through  other  Organizations  in Short  term  Contract., Employment and  Volunteer  agreement  Based.


Holistic approach of  reaching Children and their  Care  Givers who  are  mostly    in need.


Providing Basic  Human  needs.


Respect, Hum unity, Honesty, caring, Agreement, Hard work,   accountability, transparency, good  moral life,  accepting apology for Change,  when  we  may do  something wrong as human and  lastly Human right.

Activities towards  Sustainable Development:

 Counseling through  Biblical  Based,  Food  parcels  distribution,  Co-operation-Sewing,  Supply   Chain  Network for Social  impact, Export  and  import  of general goods for  Social  impart, Freight forwarding Business Network  for  Social  impact , Health  care treatment, Supply  Education  Materials  for  social impact., Individuals  Farmers and youth,  Agriculture skills  empowerment,  Entrepreneur skills  Empowerment  Network.   Funds  raising  Network with  all  Kinds  of  Business  Entities and lastly, taking a venture philanthropy Holistic approach through  Business  Network. For  Sustainable  community  development.

We believe that  Our  Mission is the  mission  of  the  following list:
1,   The  God  of  all  Mankind
2  True Churches,  Companies  and  Organizations.
3,   World  wild  Governments
4    Companies  and  an Individuals  who  care  about  others and  care  about  Social  impact.
7,   Underprivileged  Families,  they  also  care  about  others  in need  as  well as  their lives get  transformed for  the  best. We have   seen the  testimony   of  some  Families  who were  not  doing well at  all,  but,  they  are  doing  well  and  helping  others  as  well.
The current  situation of your  neighbor does not define what the  future  holds.
 The future  lies  on  the  real  love  of  God. Please  do not undermine underprivileged  Families,.
Do  not  suppress, maltreat or  Cheat  them what ever  way even  if  they  do  something  wrong.
If  they do  something  wrong,  call  them and reasoning together with  them and  find  out  why? and forgive them if  they  admit their  fault. Do  not use  their wrong and  take  action  against  their   lives  because the  same  Measure  will  measured  back  to  you  in multiple  times!
Remember  that your  mission may  be  their  mission and  also  take  note  that, there is   no  perfect  Human  being in this  land  of the  living. We are  all  living  by  Grace. 
If  they  do not admit  their  mistakes  in several Occasions, then  live them  and  wash  your  hands  from  them  for with  this  you  have  done  your  part.
Reaching Children and their care givers and  Providing  their  Basic  Human  Needs  involve  any  Human Kind  who  care  about those  who are  mostly in  In need.
That is  why every year there  are  specific underprivileged  Families  that  we  transform  their  lives  to  the  Glory  of  God without  any  discrimination!
Are you a Company,  Funding Initiative,  an Organization  that want to be the  forehead of  our  Campaign  for  our 2021  Business plan, Budget  and  Projects especially those  we  are  sending  you sponsorship   proposal  letters, for   Ghana  and  South  Africa  Projects, then be the first to approve  our  Proposal now.
 I supervise  Staff members and programs including policy building and implementation.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach Intentional is registered with Registration number 116-480 and recognized by Departments of Social Development in the year 2013. We have also Registered with SARS as Public Benefit Organization in South Africa for Tax Exception On the date of 19th March 2020 with Reference number  9917294179, a Community Based and Public Benefit Organization which started Its Operation with the Mission and Vision of Providing Basic Human needs like shelter food Education support, health care Skills  empowerment to the Underprivileged members of The Society.

Compassion Soul Winnie’s Outreach International is run by Commute members, Workers who have a direct influence in the daily Operations and tuning of the Organization.

Member of the Organization, have vast knowledge and Skills through various training they have attended to ensure the success of the Organization and comfort, safety and Emotional support of the Beneficiaries.Living in the Community.

Over the years that Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International has been in Operations, We have seen Tremendous Demands for our Service.As more and more Homeless,  Individuals living in the streets of Johannesburg and the surrounding areas comes to us seeking assistant to Change their lives by seeking a place of Safety of the Center, therefore priorities Individuals Especially women and Children from Day-to-day Mishap Happening in or around the Community and Society at large.


1, Free Trauma Counseling for Children and their Care Givers who are mostly in need through Biblical Based.

Why  Trauma Counseling?:

  • Helping those we serve   to understand their  coping mechanisms;
  • Validate  their  feelings and emotions;
  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Helping them   to make sense of what has happened to  them and inculcating in  them  the message  hope
  • Integrate the event meaningfully into  their lives.
  • Granting them hope  and Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being re triggered by the past

2, Food Pace ls Distribution to the Children and their care givers one at a time

Why food Pace ls Distribution?;
It is helping to reduce Hanger,
Diseases ect. in the society

3  Agriculture Skills  Empowerment.

Agriculture  skills Empowerment of  individuals Farmers Will help for food Security and enlargement to create Financial Freedom to Children and their care givers.

Books  Supply and distribution to  Children  and their care givers:
Will help to empower Child education

Health  Care  Programs.

Organizing  Health  care  Programs  with  health  care  Entities to tackle  the  Corona Virus  Pandemic Challenge! As well as  praying for  Gods  Intervention.

An above Mentioned Programs will impact Children and their care givers one at a time due to  the  Pandemic  Challenge.

We are aiming  to  transform 200  Families in the  year  2021.

Our Head and CEO Francis Asomaning at the moment is in active Participating of various Virtual Events  for Gift Givers and Business Network Purposes. He is embarking  Cooperate Social responsibilities  Campaign  both  online and offline to Connect with gifts  givers who may care about our  Mission and Projects.

The Campaign also create  awareness of  Building Projects  on  our  Previous reflected Projects of helping  Children and their  care Givers  who are mostly in  need.

Are you a Company,  Funding Initiative,  an Organization  that want to be the  forehead of  our  Campaign  for  our 2021  Business plan, Budget  and  Projects especially those  we  are  sending  you sponsorship   proposal  letters, for   Ghana  and  South  Africa  Projects, then be the first to approve  our  Proposal now.

The Coverd19 Pandemic Challenge is Shaking the  whole world, some Companies  and  Organizations who suppose to help up coming NPOs and  Societies  are Shut down, some are also struggling  to get  back to their feet. Some are also Managing for their Survival with an  exception of large Companies and  Organizations who are  still doing  what they can  to help themselves and  help Societies which we  are  yet  to come across one.
In  our  Corporate Social  responsibilities Network Campaign, we  aim to connect Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International with all Kind of Businesses Entities who  may care  about our  Mission. We aim to  provide quality, speed, reliability services to those we  are helping  and our Network .

Supply Chain Network: 

Such as Food Distribution Network, Individuals Farmers Empowerment, Books Distribution Network, Medical supply Network,  Accommodation Support Network,
Funds raising Network, Medias Publication Network and trauma Counseling  for our  underprivileged Families,  Good Drinking water Network, Women, Children and Youth Empowerment Network.

If  we say  Network Collaboration  for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International, it means  that  we  aim  to connect  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International with  both  larger, small   Entities , Companies or an Individuals   who  may  care  about our  mission  from both  Local and  Global Communities  that  God  have placed His  Natural  resources in their  Different  Countries and have  placed  his different s Gifts,  Talents, Skills, Potentials  and knowledge in   different s  people from different  Nations  to  Utilized  them  with  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  to love  and  help in  Changing Children and  their  Families who are  mostly in  need lives, one  at a time. The  Network can  be  on Donations for  our  Projects  Purposes  or  Business Network  Purposes,
We  also  believes  in  serving  other  Communities  Globally  through  other  Organizations  for  life  Changing  purposes, it  will  help  us  to  utilize  our  gifts  and  skills  to  help  other  who  need  them  most, as  well  as  learning other  culture and  connecting  with  others  for  Social  good.