Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) is a nonprofit making organization with the registration number (116-480) recognized by the Department of Social Development Pretoria South Africa and Public Benefit Organization registered with SARS with Reference number (930072959). We are also registered with  Central Supply Databased with reference number (MAAA1184645).
It started in Ghana by Mr.  Francis Asomaning, the president of CSWOI since 2008 in Ghana. The Organization extended its feathers to South Africa in 2012 and since then it has   been operating both in Ghana and South Africa till date.
How  ever  South  Africa is where  we  Based.
Francis, Started the Organization with a Mission  and Vision  of Helping to provide the Basic Human needs, Such as skills, Early child hood Education support, Skills Training and skills  Development,  Health care, Human, Moral Support with counseling  through  Biblical Based to the Underprivileged Families of the Societies.
Francis Has done  various  Ministerial and Social Courses as follows:
MINISTERIAL STUDIES: which Based on Biblical and Social Studies.

ESSENTIAL OF NONPROFIT: which based on an important of dealing with Social Issues.

LEAN STARTUP  PRINCIPLES FOR SOCIAL IMPACT: This course provided introduction to how Lean start up principles can be applied to the Social sector.

DESIGN KIT:PROTOTYPING: The course reinforces prototyping process of human -centered design and help you apply the approach to create innovative , effective, and sustainable solution for social change.

LEADERSHIP:TEN RULES FOR IMPACT AND MEANING: This course provided an overview of principled approach to entrepreneurial leadership fueled by ten golden rules for impact and meaning.
FUNDS RAISING: HOW TO CONNECT WITH DONORS: This course provided learners the fundamental to fundraising, from building relationship with potential donors.
FINANCIAL MODELING FOR THE SOCIAL SECTOR: this course provided financial modeling framework that can be used to think about what is require for an early stage venture to achieve financial sustainability.
SHIPPING MANAGEMENT: This Course provided knowledge of the Carriage of goods from one Country to another.
COACH TEACHERS TRAINING COURSE: Provided Knowledge for the whole School program. 
Current Course: Attending webinars through Digital Lift platform.

Reaching the Lost and the Destitute in our Societies.


Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International is a United Nations Special Consultative Status Accreditation Organization that is very actively participating   in an Events of the United Nations towards their Sustainable and Community Development Goal both in person and virtually.


To provide the basic needs such as nutritional food parcels distributions, Children education support, healthcare, skills development, outreach, counseling, Bibles distributions, accommodations support to the underprivileged members of society.


  • 500 + Women were empowered and Made Independent.
  • 100 + Families received food Parcels three times a week.
  • 500 + Children were provided with education Materials.
  • 62 Families were fed every week for 2 years.
  • 200 people from 200   Families Received Free King James Bible.


The lock-down implemented by the South African government beginning on 27 March 2020 Due to the high rate level of the spread of the virus that has destroyed many lives and Businesses from 2020 till 2021 , even though the Underprivileged Families living in Mari-kana Park Community are already going through tough situations since 2012.

We found out that Many Homeless in Kemp ton Park Communities living on the street come from Tembisa and poor locations due to the poverty at Homes.

Which means that due to the overcrowded at Houses of various Families which the houses could not contained all Families members, thousands of them ended up on the street since 2012..

We found out that the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, Mr. Juious Malema and his group helped 5000 people who do not have a place to stay find themselves in the Shacks at Mari-kana , for he said staying in a shack is better than staying on a street.


In  our  outreach program from 2018- 2022 at our Catchments areas  in  Ghana, we  came across thousands  of children who are at home without schooling for  Classes were  overcrowded, and most of them who were at private schools  could  not  afford school fees  due to poverty at home, water and sanitation facilities are inadequate and trained teachers and school books are in short supply The poor quality of education is reflected in students' results.
We also found out that there were poor Economic Conditions that leads to  unemployment lack of skills and lack of good health  Facilitates. 


We are supporting Early Childhood Education and their Mothers and engagement to drive student success through online and offline education programs and skills development Such as the following:

a)After School Children Education program both online and  offline.

b) Youth empowerment program

c)Free Trauma Counseling both emotional and spiritual

d)Individual farmers for Agriculture Skill Development

e)Job Creation and Food Security.

f. Evangelism, social and economic solutions to our societies.

g, Networking with Supply Chain Initiatives, Shipping Managements Initiatives,

and all Kinds of Businesses who believe in Social impact. 

We  are Searching   for other Organizations Companies, Individuals who may offer us a Contract to deliver goods for them within our quality express  Services with Freight Forwarding Business Network. We are also  Reaching  exporters and import offline  within  Johannesburg, South  Africa in person offline for  Business  contract.


  • Free online   Children Education Project  
  •  Youth empowerment project
  • Free Trauma Counseling both emotional and spiritual
  • Free Individual farmers for Agriculture Skill Development
  • Free  Job Creation and Food Security.
  • Free Nutritional food Parcels Distribution program
  • Offline and online Teacher training Program.
  • Free Evangelism, social and economic solutions to our societies.


vulnerable  Children and their Families  or caretakers.


Serving 200 Children and their Families, most vulnerable people: Children, youth, women, elderly, and those with serious health communication.

2022  BACKERS:

ADONAI WELDING TECHNOLOGY: Helping with youth and student Skills Development in Ghana.

UNV  PLATFORM: Helping with Volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS: Helping with skills and Knowledge online.

SHEPHERD FOR THE SAVIOR: Helped  with grant of  $1112.00  and bought and  distributed  200  King James Bibles, distributed  to 200 people from   200 Families.

Association for life of Arica-Liberia.( The Country Director is Mr. George Festus Blamoh, LAS,  He is also an  Ambassador of CSWOI to the United Nations, New York Designation. Our Bible Distribution grant was awarded by Shepherd for the Savior through His  Ministry.

SUBPRIME INTERNET SOLUTION BUSINESS CENTER: Helping with  an  Internet solution.

GRACE INTERNET : Helping  with  an  Internet  Solution.

Techsoup South Africa: Currently Donated very Beautiful Office Furniture to use  them in our Office. How  ever we  have extended some of the Furniture Donation to Angels Keepers, at Marikanna.

CSWOI  MANAGEMENT BOARD:  Helping  with  their  Legal Documents.

We are Connected with Various platforms expecting  which one may provide good services that may help to meet our Challenges.

MONICOR:  Is  helping   with  Free  website designed  and  Hosting.


 Is  Currently helping  with  an Office and also working Hand in Hand for Clearing and forwarding Business network. The aim of our network aim to generate income and the percentage will go to the Organization projects.

We provide Genuine and quality Cargo and Logistics Services for Genuine Importers and exporters

INDIVIDUALS: are  helping with  one  time  donations  in kind  and  in  cash.

CSWOI  FOUNDER:  Investing his  time,  gift,  Ideas, Knowledge and  Funding in day  to  day operation of  the Organization  since  2012   till  date.

Trade Atlas

We are   the Currently  official partner of TradeAtlas in South African Region.

TradeAtlas is a Trade Intelligence data provider, serving company-level international trade data based on official customs records. This data helps exporter companies and producers to find customers all over the world. We arrange a FREE WEBINAR every Friday 10:30 South African time.

The  webinar Aim to connect  Exporters , Importers, Suppliers, Producers with the platform. We are already embarking email  Marketing  Campaign Inviting  Exporters, Importers, Producers Companies, Cargo & Logistics Companies to   join us to increase their  international sales easily by learning “ embarking email  Marketing Campaign  how to find Clients all over the world with one click” with TradeAtlas. We  call  for  All  Companies and an Individuals   who  are into an above mentioned  Industries  to join  us  at  the  webinar on every  Friday. We believe  that as  Companies  Join trade atlas platform  to Increases  their Business and  Sales, It may also help them to  give back to our Communities.
Trade  Atlas  has  Donated to us  their Product Packages that  allow us  to connect with Exporters, Importers and Producers  Companies 
In all over  the  world. On  Trade Atlas  platform, we  are acting as  Producers, Exporters, Importers, Cargo and Logistics   Companies  Agent  that  can  connect clients with  a Genuine  Costumers from all  over the  world through Trade  Atlas  platform.

As Public Benefit Organization, we actually do not depend on one source of Backer. Except the God of all Mankind and the God of all  Nations who  Never  fails.

Tech Soup South Africa:

We Currently Connected with Tech-soup South  Africa platform that will help us to access Technology Software,  In formations and  network  that may help for  an organizational growth.

Mr.  Anold the tech soup South  Africa Regional  Director  on behave of their Organization Donated New  Original  Quality Office  Furniture's  to  keep  books which we  rely appreciate It. Some of the Furniture will be donated to Creche at Marikana, Kemp ton Park  Community.

Financial Years  auditor Reports:

Since  2013 till Date we have got  all  our  Financial Year audited Statement Report with us a s our  Financial Years Records even though there  were  some years we ddi not get Funding and  resources  at  all. How ever we  did our Best for Society through our  own Puckett's 


we  are Serving 200 Children and their Families, most vulnerable people: Children, youth, women, elderly, and those with serious health communication.

All our services, Business Network, programs, activities,  Funds Raising  Event are  Focusing on   tackling on  the following Social Issues in our Communities and Societies at large .




Sicknesses & diseases.

Early Death





Human Sustainable  Development.

LOCATIONS  Countries:

1, A/113 Head Office, Sapieman Community, Greater Accra Region, Ghana,
2 Branch, 22 Beau fighter street, Kempton Park Community, Johannesburg, Guateng South Africa

Are you looking for an Organization to create a real Social impact to work with whiles we are still alive?

You are at the right place.

The following are welcome to partner with us

Social Investment Organizations and Companies.

Grant Providers

Any  good  Churches that believes  in Social  impact.


The Goals are as Follows:



You Can Help Those in Need with Our Charity.