Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) was started by Francis Asomaning to  Reaching the  lost  and  the  Destitute in Our  Societies.

Francis is  the Founder, President and the CEO of Compassion Soul Winners outreach International. Even the responsibilities of the Organization. He supervise volunteers, staff members and programs including policy building and Implementation. He is  a  Funds Raiser  too for Our projects.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) is a nonprofit making organization with the registration number (116-480) recognized by the Department of Social Development Pretoria South Africa and Public Benefit Organization with Reference number (930072959). It started in Ghana by Mr. Francis Asomaning, the president of CSWOI since 2008 in Ghana. The Organization extended its feathers to South Africa in 2012 and since then it has been operating both in Ghana and South Africa till date.

Our Tasks:

  • Develop Strategic plan and goals that align with the organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Translate into a tactical plan, set measurable time sensitive goals for projects, and programs
  • Create operational plans and develop a system for execution of goals
  • Execute plans, put operational plans into action
  • Monitor progress & maintain run reports analysis how plans are meeting tactical goals
  • Network with business entities and individuals either through integration, partnership, employments, contract, driving sponsorship and donations based on agreements.

About CSWOI:


Reaching the Lost and the Destitute in our Societies.


Helping to Providing basic human needs in Holistic Approach.


Respect, humility, honesty, caring, agreement, hard work, accountability, transparency integrity, advanced care of impoverished

Activities towards Sustainable Development

 Outreach, counselling, food parcels distribution, co-operation-sewing,  Early Childhood Developing Education Programs. supply chain networking for social impact, export and import of general goods for social impact, freight forwarding business network for social impact, health care treatment, supplying education materials for social impact, individual farmers and youth, agriculture skills empowerment, entrepreneur skills empowerment network , accommodation support, to help create a better future for  all.

CSWOI – Achievements:

  • Women’s Empowerment:
  • We have empowered over 500 women with various forms of business skills through business conferences, training and seminars there by increasing their rate of employ ability and relevance to job seekers while building for independence.

Food  Parcels:

  • We distributed food parcels to over 100 families especially during the peak of the Covid pandemic. Sixty-two Families were fed in every week from 2013 to 2015
  • Previous Projects
  • In pursuit of child education, we have provided educational materials and books to 500 children. This includes children most of whom are not currently enrolled into any form of formal education.

Francis  believe that  Vision  and  Mission will be given by the  God of all  Mankind, how ever it is people who will help to bring it into a reality. Francis  and  His  team is  Saying  thank you  all for what you have done.

We wish  you  shall  be  with us for a  long  way!

Current Projects:

Early Childhood Education  Empowerment Program-Helping to create a  better future for all.

We are Currently in the process of  working in collaboration with Nursery  schools  who   believes in   Early Childhood Development Education. This program will  Benefit, Students, Teachers and  the School as  a  whole in  Nursery Schools in our  Communities. We are  Currently  Helping  Angels  Keepers  and  Kiddies care  Center Nursery  schools   in  various  ways for Early Childhood Development  Education empowerment.

It is our  aim that this program will help  create a  better future for  children between the  age of  0 – 13  Years.

Early Childhood Education Academics  Support:

Computer skills, Mathematics, English, writing, Reading, Afrikaans, Life Skills, Digital Skills training and Accounting.

ARTS: Music and movements, English language, Arts and Literacy, Science,  Graphic Design, Technology and Engineering.

objective planning for Students:
1, Free student laptop will be given  to  students  who  will be  regular attendance in classes  for 4–5  Months which may  include Scholarship.
2,  Free  Health  care  treatment  for students, Supporting the health and safety.
3,  Free  Students books,   Education  Materials  and  equipment for  Students.
4,  Providing nutritional school feeding program for students.
Registration   for  Nursery Schools  who  will  connect with us for the  above  Mentioned Programs   is  Free.
Qualify Teachers from South Africa,  Ghana, Africa  and  from other part of  the world, both online  and  in person   are  available.
why  this Project?:
In our  outreach programs both in Ghana and  South  Africa, we  have come  across  thousands of Children who  are not  yet  enrolled due to overcrowded students in Governments schools  and  high rate of unemployment, guardians could not take their kids to private schools.
We believe that this Program  will help  many of these Children to have  an  access to  quality education  as  well as empowering Nursery Schools Teasers to attain quality Teacher Training programs for them to  deliver quality Education for their students.
We are  already helping Angels  Keepers and  Kiddie scare Center  Nursery schools in various ways, such as  Donated Nutritional food  Parcels to support  health care, We currently  Donated quality  bookshelves  to the  school, Donated Beautiful and  quality  wool ling  Carpet to create good  environments for the Kids to study. We shall Organize Teacher training programs with our Network from  both in South  Africa  and abroad that will  help teachers to deliver quality  education for the Children.
We have  found out that,  the Various Nursery Schools that  have  been  Established in our  Communities are rely  helping  the  State to  reduce lack of  Knowledge in  our Society and helping to create  a bright future for these   kids.
The truth is that the State  or Government  alone  cannot  do  it, so if the Community members are establishing Nursery  Schools or Schools,  It helps and it is  brilliant idea  that  Community members are  establishing  Nursery Schools  that we  encourage State   Governments  to support  these private  schools what  ever  good  way  they  can.
Online  Classes :
Our Free  online  after  school classes is still  active.
Since  last year  2021 we  have  been running free  after  schools Home  Based  classes that Benefiting both students who  are enrolled and those  who  are  not  yet.
How do we do it?
We  are connected with  United Nations online  Volunteers  platform  where  with  the  good  services of UNV  Team we have  able to recruited qualified online Volunteers teachers or   tutors  from  Ghana, South  Africa,  USA,  uk,  Canada,  India  Germany, China and from other part of the world  using  South Africa Basic Education  Curriculum teaching  children  online.  
When the online  volunteer  Created an  account with UNV  platform  and  applied for online teaching,  we  interview the teachers  through  whats App  Communication,  after  that we  add  them    to our  online  teachers  group  for them to introduce  themselves  to  the  group  and then the group provide  guidelines for them to get  connected  with Guardians  of   students in order  to  arrange  classes  for students.
The  resources needed for the above mentioned  online   learning  are as  follows:
1  Computer Device
2 Online  Data
3  Text  Books  Pencils pens  and  Funding.

CSWOI wants to work with other organizations, Companies,  churches, businesses with an autonomous authority to involve other organizations who are Interested in holistically addressing social issues in our catchment areas .

CSWOI – Li censure:

  • CSWOI is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered  with  Reg. No 116-480 in 2013 and Registered as  Public Benefit Organization with Reference number 930072959
  • Led by Francis Asomaning
  • All members complete various training programmed to ensure the success of the organization and the comfort, safety, and emotional support of all beneficiaries across the communities.

CSWOI – History:

  • Founded in 2008 by Francis Asomaning, CSWOI began by helping in  providing basic human needs for children in Ghana with Support  of  his  team  and  Backers.
  • The extension to Kemp ton Park in 2012 and Registered as NPO in South Africa in 2013 with Department of Social development and Registered with SARS as PBO .
  • In 2009, CSWOI was registered for work as a NGO in Ghana and Registered in South Africa as NPO  in 2013 and Currently Based in South Africa, operating both in South Africa and Ghana.


We once  again Express our gratitude,  Thanks Giving and  appreciation to all  the Backers  who have done something to help our  projects your work have become a  memorial in the site of  God and your selfless Contributions  have  helped  transformed  thousands of  Destinies! By  helping to alleviate poverty, reduce, Unemployment,  Lack of Knowledge,  crime, Immorality, Homeless and destitution in our  Societies. 

2022  Current  Backers:

1, The  Team of  CSWOI: Helping in various ways

2, Francis Asomaning The  Founder  and  the  CEO of CSWOI:  Helping with  Funding, Creative  Ideas  and  day to  day Operation of  the  Organization Projects, activities  and  programs. Francis  is  actually a  Funds  Raiser with  his  Newark for  all our Projects  both n  South Africa  and  Ghana. 

3,  UNV  Team: Is  helping with their Services to recruit Online Volunteers from around the  world in helping with  their skills  and Knowledge.

4,  UNV  online Volunteers:

Some of the online  volunteers are doing  great work with their skills  and  knowledge.

5,   Mr. Gregory the Founder  and  the CEO of Time  Save  Express is  helping  with  an  Office  space  where we  are Operating  from  and  also helping  with an  advice,   the word of an   encouragement and  various  ways.

6, Brother  George Festus Blamoh, LAS,  Country Director- Association For Life of Africa-Liberia:

Helping as an   Ambassador of CSWOI to the United Nations, New York Designation, He is  also  Connected  us with Shepherd for the  Savior and working with  him  for  outreach and  Bible  distributions. He is  also  helping   with  an  advice,  word  of  encouragements and  even  donated  $100:00 last  year for our  General  projects.

Shepherd for the Savior:

Shepherd  for the Savoir is small  Foundation, how ever with their  selfless they have helped us with Bible  grant to enabled  us and Distributed 450  Bibles that  have  benefited 435  Families  and  also benefited 210  Children from  Angels  Keepers and Kiddies care Center nursery schools.  


Helped with website  Designed  and  free  Hosting.

8,  Tech soup  South Africa:

Donated   5  Office  bookshelves.

9,  SABC Generation:

Donated  Wool ling  Carpet, 2  Chairs and cloths .

10,  Social  TV:

Mr.  Samm, the  Owner of Social TV and  Social TV Team are Currently  in the progress of helping with TV  news and  Publicity. They  visited  our  Office  and  our  Beneficiaries  on last Tuesday  for  TV  Interviews  and  Shootings  which they  may Publish  it  Soon. 

Madam Amanda Mkhize the Social TV Editorial Assistant and her team did a great job. Hooping to work with Social TV for a long way.

10  Individuals:

Individuals are helping in various  ways.


1, 450  Individuals  Families in  Kemp ton Park, Mari kana, Communities  Landela,  Community including Children, youth, Man,  women and  old age.

2,  Angel Keepers Nursery School.

3, Kiddies Care  Center Nursery School. 

Audience Donors:

Companies, Organizations, Foundations, Financial  Institutions, Churches, Individuals  and all  Kinds of Business Entities who believes in Social Impact!


counselling, Nutritional food parcels distribution, co-operation-sewing, supply chain networking for social impact, export and import of general goods for social impact, freight forwarding business network for social impact, health care treatment, supplying education materials for social impact, individual farmers and youth, agriculture skills empowerment, entrepreneur skills empowerment network, Establishing Early Childhood Development Education Center  for  Sustainable and  community development


  • 500 + Women were empowered and Made Independent.
  • 100 + Families received food Parcels three times a week.
  • 500 + Children were provided with education Materials.
  • 62 Families were fed every week for 2 years.
  • 200 people from 200   Families Received Free King James Bible.


  • Free online   Children Education Project 
  • Free Trauma Counseling both emotional and spiritual
  • Free Individual farmers for Agriculture Skill Development
  • Free Nutritional food Parcels Distribution program
  • Offline and online Teacher training Program.
  • Free Evangelism, social and economic solutions to our societies.


1,   200  Families located at  Green  Marie, Mari kana,  Kemp ton  Park. 

2,  Angels  Keepers nursery school located  at Mari kana. 

3, Kiddies  care Center nursery school   Kemp ton  Park  CDB.

30  children for online  Home  Based Education  support.

Up coming Center Establishment.

CSWOI is in the process of establishing Early childhood Development Education Center. The  Center will help improve our  services to serve our  Communities  better.

The  Center will be use  for the following:

1, will be  use as our  Organization  Head Office

2,  will be  use for Early Childhood Development Education programs for Children. subject will  be  treating are  English Mathematics, Life  skills, Afrikaans, Computer Skills, Science   ect.

3,  The  Center  will  be  use  for Teachers  training programs that will help teachers from  various schools to  deliver a quality education for their students.

4, The  Center Will be  use  for Counseling.


Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) is a nonprofit organization with registration number (116-480) recognized by the Department of Social Development Pretoria South Africa and Public Benefit Organization registered with SARS with Reference number (930072959).
We are also registered with  Central Supply Databased with reference number (MAAA1184645) as Supplier of Various  services and Products.

We are also a UN Special Consultative Non-Governmental Organization with acre dictation from Ghana while Operating in United Nation System as an international,  non-governmental organization.

Financial Years  auditor Reports:

Since  2013, all financial years are audited with statement reports.

You Can Help Those in Need with Our Charity.