Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (CSWOI) is a non-profit  and non-governmental organization with the registration number (116-480)  and Public Benefit Organization with Reference number (930072959). It was founded in Ghana by Mr. Francis Asomaning, the president of CSWOI since 2008. Francis is a missionary from Ghana  and has served various churches both in cities and remote areas in  South  Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe from 1999 to  2008.  In his outreach mission, he  found out that  the  Churches he  was serving, most of  them were  not rely  know the important  of  extending  their  services  to  meet basic physical  needs. Francis came up with a  vision  and  mission of  establishing an organization that  will  help  to  meet basic needs  in holistic  approach. With support of  backers, Francis  and  his  Backers  started the organization outreach mission in  2008  by reaching refugee children and their  families in  Ghana  and  other  remote areas such as Tomefa village, Akim  Anamase  village, and Takowarase  village .
The organization extended its work  to South Africa in 2012 and since then it has been operating in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe as of this January 2023. The organization has 20 members  in Ghana,  South  Africa  and  Zimbabwe. CSWOI also got more  than  50  volunteers  online who  are performing volunteers services  online with their  skills  and  knowledge. The team of  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  has come  across  countless   of  children, women, youth, men and old  age in remote  areas who  were  suffering from poverty due to the  lack of education, lack of  skills, lack of health care, and high  rate of  unemployment. Thousands of children and their families have got their freedom from poverty through our mission and projects. Compassion Soul Winners outreach International is currently serving 300 families including, youth, children, men, women and those in old age.


Reaching the lost and the destitute in holistic approach.


To provide the basic needs such as  food parcels  distributions, children education support, healthcare, skills development programs,  outreach, counseling, Bibles distributions, accommodations support, agriculture skills development training, teacher  training programs, technology as a discipline for teaching and learning  program, irrigation systems programs in remote areas,  solar power system implementation program, water sanitation  programs in remote communities  through genuine network, sponsorship  and  donations to the underprivileged members of society.


On  be  have of  the  Organization Francis  Obtained    Special Consultative Status Accreditation. Organization is very actively participating in an Events of the United Nations towards their Sustainable and Community Development Goal both in person and virtually by  appointing Candidate  to  represent the Organization.     However CSWOI has not yet connected with any UN organization that provides financial  assistance. The organization  has support from board members, volunteers,  individuals  and  3 companies  from Ghana  and  South  Africa and lastly a  foundation that  helped with  Bible distributions  grant.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International is a Neutral Organization. We are not limited to United Nations System only, neither belong to any Political party nor working for any Church or Christian Organization. We are Community Based Organization that Operate Globally. We love what we do in helping Humanity who are mostly in need. no matter the Challenges!



  1. 1000+ families received food parcels three times a week.
  2. 3000 youth and children were provided with education materials.
  3. 1000 families were fed every week for 2 years.
  4. 1000 families and 2000 students received Free Bibles.
  5. 1000 elderly received nutritional food parcels 2 times a week.
  6. 3000+ women were empowered and made independent through  business conferences and  skills development training

The  Founder  and  the  CEO  of  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International  In  his administration services Currently  selecting  Final  Volunteers  And  Ambassadors  who  are  rely in to Support  the  Organization  Vision,  Mission  and  activities. Francis  Mentioned in our  last meeting  that  all the  in  active  Ambassadors, members  and  volunteers  will  be remove  from the  Organization and  replace  new  ones  who  will  support  him  in  his  administration work  that will  help to meet  the  Organization  Mission  and  Vision. After  Final Selection of  Backers, Francis will work  with then in transparency, accountability  and in administrations  work.

The  Organization is  going through  Financial  Crisis  due  to  the  lack of  Genuine  Backers.
How  ever Francis  with  his  Funds  Raising skills, he  is  going  to  embark  an  effective  Funds  Rising  Campaign on  be  have  of  the Organization,  by Reaching  Companies,  Organizations, Institutions, Churches  and  all  Kinds  of  Business Entities and  Individuals who may  care  about  our  Projects.
He  is  currently busy with an Organization  who  want to help   promote our  share  box on their  platform. Francis  is  going  to  Find   divers   ways to  Mobilized  Funding  and  Resources to  help  the  Organization  Projects  that geared towards  UN 2030 Agenda.  Such as   approaching  Companies, Organizations, Institutions, Individuals from international and  Local Communities for  their Donations  to  help.
That  is his  personal  Funds  Raising  Campaign plan  for  the  Organization  projects  whiles he  is also  selecting Genuine  Backers who  will  help  him  in his  administration work for the Organization.
General examples of type of an Organizational crisis include cybersecurity threats, hacking, kidnapping, spreading of false rumors, and projects sabotage — all with the objective of harming an organization, and its public image.
The   plan of   selfless  Founder  and  Chief Executive officer are as follows
1, Identify the Negative Staffs members, Volunteers  and  Ambassadors. 
 2,  Standing  on  behave of  the  Organization to  Embark an  effective   Campaign to  create  awareness
 3,   Assess risk to  make  Changes. in  peace.
 4,  Determine the Organization  impact
5, updating information’s, Sharing  stories, creating  awareness on all  our  Social  Media platform  network
 5,  Divers ways  Embarking  Funds  Raising  Campaign on  be  have  of the  Organization projects to engage  Global  Communities for  their Contributions for Organizational   Survival.
 6,   Disconnecting deceptive  network  or Crisis of Deception
 7, Intensive prayer for Gods Provisions.