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Since 2008 till date, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  NPO and PBO  led  by  Francis  Asomaning a  Missionary from Ghana, have been Reaching underprivileged Families and  Refugees Families door to doors both in Cities  and  Rural communities in  Ghana  and  South  Africa.
The  Evangelism program have been connecting children  and their Families with the God  of  all  Mankind and lives Changing experience to the  Glory of God.
Thank God  for  Shepherd for  the  Savior  who is    connected  with  us  in 2022 helping  us to  a chief our  mission to the Glory of God.  Shepherd for the Savior recently donated Bible  grant which was  able provided 200  King James Bibles for  200 people from  200 Families at  Marikana Com unity, Kemp ton Park. South Africa. The Bible grant  has  added more  values  to our Evangelism and Bible  distribution program and all our  projects. 200 Families will Benefit from it for  their spiritual empowerment to  affect an  entire Community!
We look forwards in working with them for  a  long  way.
The Outreach Program aim is  promoting  the  Glory of God, making impact in the Kingdom of God, making impact in our Societies Globally as well  as  to supporting United  Nations  Global Sustainable and Community Development 2030 Agenda.