2021 Action Plan to tackle Covid19 Pandemic Challenge together



Projects 1:

Capacity  Building of  Stuffs  and  Board  members through training  in the period of  a year  2021 to tackle  Covid19 Pandemic Challenge  together.

Projects  2:

Providing  for Stuffs  Allowance/ Stipens  for their Compensation for their good  work.

Project  3:

Nutrition  food  Pascrell’s Distribution  to vulnerable Families who are suffering the  more in this  Pandemic Challenge !

Project 4 :

Health  care programs  and  activities   with  Health  care  Entities to reduce  the   Spread  of  the    Virus.

Project 5

Individuals  Farmers and youth Agriculture skills  empowerment.

Projects 6

Counseling Programs  with variuos Physicians.

Project 7,

Awareness Campaign of Cooperate Social responsibilities Network to lead Change together.

We are  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International with NPO  Registration number 116-480 and recognized by Department of  Social  Development Pretoria. We are also  registered  with SARS  for Public Benefit  Organization Certificate with registration number  (9917294176). We are operating in  Kemp ton  Park,  Rose field  and  Tembisa,  Johannesburg  Communities, by providing the basic human  needs.

We request  Sponsors,  Donors, Grant  Providers or Gift givers from  both  local and International  Communities  to  be our Sponsor for  our 2021  Business  plan, budget  and  Projects.

South  Africa  Funds  Raising  Campaign for  2021  will  end on the day of  30th  June  2021  and  another  campaign will  get  started for  Ghana  Projects  from  July 30th   to  December  2021.  W e a r e  not  going to practice any discrimination  among the  two  Countries, South  Africa  and  Ghana.
Please  take  note  that, South  Africa  Campaign belongs  to  South  Africa  and   Ghana  Campaign  will  belongs  to  Ghana .

The Target  Groups  that we  are  soliciting  Help from  are  as  follows:

Grant Providers,  Gift  Givers, Donors, Companies products  Donations,  Philanthropist,   Governments and  all  kind  if  Financial  Institutions and  Companies  who  believe in  Social  impact.

We  have  got Documents that  contained  our 2021 business plan, Projects  and   Budget for  any  Sponsor  from  anywhere around  the  world  who  may  love to partner  with  us.

The Benefit of  our  Sponsor are as  follows:

1, In our  Campaign, we shall promote the good work they would be doing to help underprivileged Families in our Communities of South  Africa through our  Organization. The promotion will be done through  online Social  Media like Facebook, twitter  ect, as  well as will do it  through offline Medias such as Radio,  Television, Magazine, News  Peppers ect.

2,    The sponsor will  be  introduced  to the  world on the forefront of  our  Campaign, Programs, activities and  Projects.

3,   The Sponsor  will  benefit from tax reduction program, as we are  still  waiting for our  tax  exemption Certificate from  SARS  even though we  have  already received  SARS  Registration letter form and  Reference  number from  SARS.

Hooping to consider our  request  where ever  you  are  around  the  world and would  be working with you for  a long  way.


Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International, South  Africa Team,

Led by Francis Asomaning

This  page will  contain more  information’s  about  2021 Covid19 Action  plan  that  have started,

Would you love to be our  Donor, gift giver or  Sponsor, then please  contact us  now!

On behave of  our  Projects  in South  Africa our Head and  CEO Francis  Asomaning  is still  embarking  Cooperate  Social responsibilities  Campaign by  reaching  Business leaders  Globally through  online  and  offline  with Sponsorship letters. We have come  into agreement  that any  deceptive Network will be  disconnected  from the  Organization and  the  first Sponsor  for our 2021 projects will be  the  forefront of  our  projects  in our campaign.

United Nation accreditation:

We obtained our Special consultative  accreditation  from  United  Nation  online in 2018  in Ghana, before we  made  our  Mission trip  to  South  Africa  in  2019 and reflected to our  past projects in  South  Africa since  2019 up till  date. In  Ghana  and  South  Africa, we  were  very  active in  UN  Organizations  Online Programs,  Such  as  UN  Women and  UN  Global Compact. How  ever  we  found  out  that  these  two  Organizations  are not reliable  at all therefore we  could  not  trust  them  any  longer, and  there is  no  way we  shall  participate in their either  event or  program any  more. We mage up our  mind  that Until   we  meet  UN  in person  there  is  no  way  we  shall  participate  in  their  Event  online until recently we receive an  email from UNGM  who  said  they  have connected  us  with ICAO  on  our behave due  to  our Profile on their  platform. UNGM Said we  can now participate in ICAO  Vendor Post event through  their platform.

We  contacted  ICAO Team,  who  also  confirmed  that they  are  UN  agent to  our  Organization,  who  also helped  us  created an account  with  their platform that  will  enable  us  to  join  all  their  Events either online or  offline. As  UN  Civil Society Organization, How w e  can  work  with  United  Nation  are  three Options.
1 To  attend  UN  University.
2, To participate in a UN reliable Organization Events.
3,  To attend United Nations Economic and Social  Council (ECOSOC)  Events and meetings  in  New York, USA.
Our  Head  and  CEO  currently planing to  participate  in the Marketing Programs of UNGM and  ICAO online and  offline and  would  involve some of  the  members  of  our  Organization he  Found out that  UNGM  and  ICAO Platforms are reliable.
As already  Mentioned above, On behave of  the  Organization our  Head  and  CEO is  reaching all  Kinds  of  Business Entities and  an Individuals  Globally, who  may  care  about  our  mission  and  Projects  in  South  Africa.