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Word of Hope

Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International is looking at the  Holistic approach in helping  our   Underprivileged Families in our  Communities.

It  appears these  years 2020/21   has  been  a year  of  rough  year  and  tough  situations almost for all  Mankind around the  globe  due  to Cover19  Pandemic  Challenge! Many Companies and  Organizations have  closed  down, some  are still  struggling to  get  back  to  the  good  Position. They  cannot perform  as  they  use  to  be. Some  Families are still  facing tough   time.

Some have lost their  Families, their  Jobs  and lost their  love  ones.
Some Billionaires,  Mighty  ones  have  fallen,  some  are  dead  and gone.
  Some Families who  are mostly in need  are  suffering the  more due  to  selfishness  as  well.
But  we  are  here  to inculcate  hope  into  somebody right  now!
We  are  here  to  encourage  some body  that,  never  give  up!  for  there  is  hope  for  the  living. No  Matter  how  of  a huge  storms of  Covert19  which  is  Shaking your  life.  No matter  how  it is  shaking  the  whole  world.
We are here  to  announce to you  that within the  storms,  there  is  a  huge  peace  and  opportunities  that  can  quench every storms  of  lives  that  are  shaking around  the  world in  Jesus  Mighty  name,!!!  All  those  who  make  you  suffer,we decree  and  declare  in  the realm of  the  spirit that  all  will disappear  for  ever  and ever  in  Jesus  mighty  name  if they  do  not repent, for  the  word  says  the wicked  shall  perish! Those who  will  bless you  shall be  bless and  all  those  who  will  curse  you  shall  be  curse. You  are  unmovable,  untouchable, Unstoppable and  UN-curseable.
Rise up and  Shine  for  the  Glory of  God  is  upon  you.  You   are an Object  of  Change, an  instrument  of  impart in our  generation  today!
Captain  of  Israel   Host  will  guide you, protect  you grant  you  more Peace, Favor  and  joy before  God and men. You are a  blessing  to  our  Generation today!
All  those  who are fighting against  your live, your mission  and  all  your Network and  supporters  will become  your  friends.
I  decree  and  declare under  the  anointing  of  the  holy  Spirit  that, All  those  who  will  try  to becomes a  blockage  on your  way  and  the  path of  your  network  will  be  disappear    for  ever  and  ever  and  you  will  no  longer  see  them  any more in  Jesus  mighty  name we prophesy  Publicly!  Amen  and  Amen!!!!!!!
May  be Covid19  Pandemic  Challenge or an  Incident that  happened to  you has  brought you   down, some may disrespect your  Mission and may  do not believe  in your dream  for they  think there  is nothing  good  that  can come  out in your mission
. Do you know  that  God  created  man out  of  nothing and  made  him a  ruler of all his  creation?  You  are the  Head  but  not the  tail,you  are the light  of the  world,you are a  Changer of  Destinies!
Remember that  Leaderships is  not by Possession it  is  from the  heart and  how  well you are trained in  every  situation!
What ever circumstances in which you have  found yourself  in this  Pandemic  Challenge  has  got  an  expiry date.  Your  situation  will  Change  from  worst  to good, from  good  to  better, from better to  outstanding!
They  will  try  to  monitor  all your  movement  making  sure  that  they  will  become  a  blockage to all the  Opportunities  that  have  been  designed  for  you and  your  network.
They want you to suffer  the  more  for them  to  get  richer  and  richer.
But trust  God, i want to  grant you  the  word  of  hope  that all  will work  together  for  your  good. And  those  blockage  you see today you  will  never  see  them  anymore,  they  will  disappeared  for  ever  and  ever!
Success  and  peace  are  your  Homes. You are  an  object  of  Change.
I have  come  across  variuos people in Business communities who  think  that  leadership is  all  about  Po cession, no  administration, never  pay  their workers  the  work  they  have  work  for. Those who  want your  downfall will  fall  in  multiple  times,  those  who  want your  suffering  will  suffer  in multiple times.
Even  some  of  leaders in Government Institutions they  want  to  turn  all  the  Nation  resources  and  properties  that  belongs  to  all  for  themselves and  get  richer  and  richer  for  you  even as a  citizen to  suffer  the  more. surprisely  even  some  of  the  force Church  leaders  and  some  Christians  are  practicing,  they  use  the  name  of  Jesus  deceiving many even  their  own  Church  members!    We  are  hear to  prophesied  Publicly  that  all  those  blockage  in your  life  will  disappeared for  ever  and ever.  You  will  no  longer  see those blockages  any more we  decree and   declare in  Jesus mighty  name  Amen  and Amen!!!!!!!

United Nation accreditation:

We obtained our Special consultative  accreditation  from  United  Nation  online in 2018  in Ghana, before we  made  our  Mission trip  to  South  Africa  in  2019 and reflected to our  past projects in  South  Africa since  2019 up till  date. In  Ghana  and  South  Africa, we  were  very  active in  UN  Organizations  Online Programs,  Such  as  UN  Women and  UN  Global Compact. How  ever  we  found  out  that  these  two  Organizations  are not reliable  at all therefore we  could  not  trust  them  any  longer, and  there is  no  way we  shall  participate in their either  event or  program any  more.

We made up our  mind  that Until   we  meet  UN  in person  there  is  no  way  we  shall  participate  in  their  Event  online until recently we receive an  email from UNGM  who  said  they  have connected  us  with ICAO  on  our behave due  to  our Profile on their  platform. UNGM Said we  can now participate in ICAO  Vendor Post event through  their platform.We  are still  checking them.  We  have found  out  that  almost  all  the  UN  Organizations  make  vain  promises.

If   UN  Themselves or  any  UN  Organization  or  their  consultative status  have brought a   cent  to   help  our  Projects  towards their  Sustainable  goal then  Consider  UN  Organization  and  the rest  of  all  the  UN  Organizations  a s  a  crooks..

Here  is  how  we may engage  in  UN  Programs.
1 To  attend  UN  University,  which  that  cannot  be  possible.
2, To participate in a UN reliable Organization Events  which  we  have  not  yet  get  any  UN  Reliable  Organization.
3,  To attend United Nations Economic and Social  Council (ECOSOC)  Events and meetings  in  New York, USA  which  that  may  be  in  future  for  no  Funding  to travel  to  UN  event and there  is  no  way  we  shall  use  our  Projects  Funding  and  travel  to  UN  Event  for  what?
4, To submit  our Report  to  UN  in  every  four  years.  We  are  also  thinking  of  Submitting  a  report  to  UN  for  what?  which  Contract  have  we  received  from  UN  in order  to  summit  our  report?
UN  must provide   answers  for  themselves..


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