Our Projects in Kemp ton Park Community started from 2012 to 2015,

An Immigration trend in South Africa in 2015 affected our projects in Kemp ton Park Community. It affected Children and their Families who were Benefiting from our services for Free of Charge.

We are Registered Nonprofit Organization in Kemp ton Park Com unity that embarking email Marketing for C operate Social responsibility for Continuation of our past Events and Projects. Our Nonprofit Organization play an important role in our Communities.

We help our Communities to meet their social and Development needs. To lighten the Financial and other resources Burden of our Organization, there is a need of Global Social C operate responsibility network from around the world that will help our one Family at a time Projects in Kemp ton park Community which may lead to other Communities in Future. In our Current Outreach Programs, we are helping Children and their families who are mostly in need in the area of Counseling through Biblical Based, food distribution, Blankets, Child entrepreneur skills empowerment and their Families.

We also aim to help them in the area of accommodation.

We are still having Stories of South Africans Citizens Families who are in Financial hardship due to lack of Skills.

There are Foreigners also who are in critical situation due to rejection of their asylum permit extension. Some refugees and asylum seekers, including women and children, have been suffering from disease and sickness for no appropriate identity documentation, to facilitate access to health care, education and employment.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International aim to Network with UN Refugees Agencies in South Africa and South Africa Governments to assist in what ever possible way. These are the Social Issues that South Africa Governments, World wild Governments and Community members around the globe should come in to assist.

Otherwise the increasing of Crime, prostitution, Sickness, Diseases Poverty, Homeless will never stop. It will affect all of us and our Generation, the world mus act now.!

We are speaking from an experience, what w e have seen ourselves in our door to door Evangelism.